Realistic and Hard Economy v1.0.6

-- V1.0.6 --
Adapted to version 1.50
banking system revised

General Features
+ No changes have been made to XP Earnings
+ The general economy has been revised.
+ Police penalties were revised according to the new economic system.
+ As the driver level increases, the earning amounts and rates have been revised according to the skill unlocked.
+ Income/expense and economic systems of drivers hired to the company have been revised.
+ The banking system has been completely revised and new options have been added.
+ Fuel prices were revised closer to reality and in line with the structured economy.
+ All ferry and train fares have been revised.

+ Tested in Version 1.50x
+ Compatible with all map DLCs (not tested with map mods)



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Momiji co-driver remake

Add animated 3d model of “Momiji” from “Dead or Alive” game, She come with 2 pose, a front seat and a sleeper bed. (due to limit space of sleeper area, some truck cannot have a sleeper pose)
Expected a bit clipping here and there.

Mod template : 鲁丁丁
Mod template and advice : Farcel
Mod remake : Blinky
Mod ATS conversion : Uncle D

The copyrights of the models and related contents in this mod are owned by Koei Tecmo, Japan.

Do not use for commercial purposes

鲁丁丁, Farcel, Blinky, Uncle D


Yet Another Route Advisor v1.1.1 [1.50]

Version 1.1.1:
– 1.50 Support

This mod replace the standard Route Advisor appearances.
There are many Route Advisor mods available, but this mod is the first of its kind that comes with something new UI design.
Most of the information is placed at the top of the screen for convenience; while map views, delivery, damage, and message information are displayed in a more compact window so that they do not obscure the view of the cabin.
The HUD mirrors have also been redesigned to match the new UI appearance, with a smaller size without compromising functionality.



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