Real companies, gas stations & billboards v3.01.24

Changelog v3.01.24
The Voltison dealer on Tesla was changed.
Tesla’s warehouse is replaced by the auto parts of the nap.
Changed the Darwing sign on Boeing.
The input sign IHOP has been changed.
A new parking for Redding trucks on Travel America has been changed.
McDonalds conflicting signs are removed.

This mod will change the vanilla companies to real brands, changes shop
textures and billboards to get a more real life experience.

Most common used map mods (Pro mods, C2C, & other)
Most common traffic-skin mods (e.g. SiSL’s, various real company for van’s mods)

This mod changes:
32 Vanilla brands to real life brands
IFLOP to Ihop
4 Colorado fastfood restaurants changed (BK, Dunkin Donut, Taco Bell, Starbucks)
112 billboards in all states, partially with seasonal ads
Rays burgers to Mc Donalds
About 15 shopnames changed
Las vegas hotels to real names
Correct skin for The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas (
Livery flying airplanes (B747)



Late Autumn/Mild Winter v3.7

This mod simulates Late Autumn/Mild Winter weather and environment

Random grey sky, misty and sunny weather
Improved windscreen rain
No thunder or lightning
Late Autumn/Mild Winter vegetation and terrain
Late Autumn/Mild Winter daylight hours
Appropriate temperature readings

Compatibility latest version: 1.44

Changes in v3.7
Updated for 1.44
Weather improvements

Recommended settings
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Late Autumn/Mild Winter is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled.
Late Autumn/Mild Winter should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.



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Game Profile for ProMods Canada V 1.2.0

The game profile is suitable for all players (beginners, mod testers and convoy players) and for those who for whatever reason could not start their personal game profile.

Profile created with modification ProMods Canada V1.2.0.

Profile supports all ATS V 1.44 DLC.

The store contains:

- ProMods Canada profile name;
- Garage Vancouver (British Columbia);
- Eighteen Wheel Master level;
- Garage 1;
- 5 Trucks and Drivers.

The profile is suitable for English-speaking players and Russian-speaking players. Appropriate game settings.

Update ProMods Installation: Documents – ATS – profiles.

Enjoy the game!



ATS – 125 People Server

Hi guys.. This is not new but this should give you guys the best experience convoy with mod more than 8 players. This features will unlock up to 125 player convoy. (you & your convoy member must install this too to make it work)

Please consider when you play with many people with mod + traffic its may drop game performance.. so make sure your pc can handle it..

ETS2 is a patch for the game that increases the number of 8 players to 125 players. It’s not a mod.

It is absolutely necessary for those who want to open a server for more than 8 people and those who want to enter the room.
(you & your convoy member must install this too)

Located in the zip file you downloaded into “\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\American Truck Simulator” where the game is installed;

1. Backup this folder:

2. Copy and paste folders. In the incoming question, say “Change all” and press yes.


When opening the server, try to open it without traffic.
Because after 8 people, traffic goes astray.

VirusTotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d4bae5581783506f6b1a3d0736768443ed9fb353191a50b93e338a8725227ee3

Yasin Demir


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