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Detroit Diesel 60 Series engines pack v. 1.7 (for ATS 1.42 – 1.45)

Story about Detroit Diesel 60 Series:
The Detroit Diesel Series 60 is an inline-six, four-stroke diesel engine produced since 1987. At the time, it differed from most road engines by using an overhead camshaft and “drive by wire” electronic control. “. By 1993, it was popular on many buses and later US trucks.
It made the 12.7-liter models in 1998, which was created by a longer stroke of 6.3 inches (160 mm).
And the second, 14-liter, became Freightliner’s dominant platform over road-bed trucks, manufactured since 2001.
In 2007-2010 (2008-2011 trucks), the Detroit Diesel 14L engine was modified to meet new emissions standards and moved to a Dual ECM (DDEC VI) configuration. This engine ran with higher compression, higher injector pressure, and a DPF exhaust filter. The block and crank remained the same as the older 2004-2006 engine models.
In 2011, the 60 Series engine was discontinued and replaced by the DD15 engine.

This mod contains 4 variants, each of which has several options, with different sound depending on the general configuration type:
11.1L (With unique sound):
-350 HP

12.7 & 14.0 L (in Stock and Straight Pipes versions, each of these versions with different sounds)
-380 HP (12.7L)
-425 HP (14.0L)
-455 HP (12.7L)
-515 HP (14.0L)
-585 HP (12.7L)
-620 HP (14.0L)

DDEC System (14.0L) (with a different sound than the previous ones):
-430 HP
-500 HP
-665 HP Tuned

It is present in the following trucks (base game and mods):


-W900a (bigddady)
-W900B (GTM)
-T600 (FranckPeru)
-T660 (FranckPeru)
-T800 (FranckPeru)
-T800 (GTM)
-T880 (FranckPerú)
-T2000 (Ivan Rava)
-K100e (Overfloater)
-K100 (CyrusTheVirus)
-W990 (FranckPeru/Harven)

-389v2 (viper 2)
-567 (GTM)
-379 (Stas556/Fox071rus/dmitry68)
-386 (R.Modjeski)

-Workstar (Cartruck)
-9300 (vasja555)
-9600 (Lonsalin)
-9400 (Slava1/Modsru)

-LTL 9000 Series

-Coronado (vasja555)
-Cascadia (CyrusTheVirus)
-FLB (Harven)
-Century/Columbia (Abshabdul)
-Classic XL (BSA)
-Classic XL (JonRuda)
-Cascadia 2019
-FLD (Harven)


Western Star
-4900EX (Outlaw)
-5700XE (Ben Sherer/Jesse Burson)


The mod is shareable for versions 1.42 to 1.45 of American Truck Simulator with sounds in convoy included (It can be used in versions 1.39 to 1.41 but the convoy function is not supported).

IMPORTANT: First Unzip the file after downloading, then install it in your American Truck Simulator/mod folder and finally activate it in your mod manager.

Do not upload the mod to other sites not authorized by the author. If you use the files, be sure to give the respective credits.

v 1.7
-Volume adjustment on all engines.
-Added: Western Star 57X (SCS) and Western Star 4900 EX (Outlaw Transport).
-Change of files of soundproofing improvements in the cabin.

-eelDavidGT (adaptation to FMod)
-Harven, odd_fellow (International 9800 & Freightliner FLD truck engine sounds)
-Kapitan Kriechbaum (Kenworth W900L sound engine v2 for ETS2 and others samples)
-El Tio Rigo, Barreno GT (tests)
-SCS (game sample sounds)


Caterpillar 3408 V8 Series engines pack for ATS 1.42-1.45 by eeldavidgt (v 1.9 FIXED)

The mod will be uploaded to a new link, since the previous one had a version problem that is not the corresponding one, and because of that, I unsubscribed it.

I apologize for the inconvenience and of course, the mod will continue to be updated when necessary.

The version to be uploaded is 1.9, with the correct files. Enjoy them!

eelDavidGT, vsTerminus, Kapitan Kriechbaum


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Caterpillar 3408 V8 Series engines pack for ATS by eelDavidGT

This mod has the sounds of a Caterpillar, model 3408 V8 eight cylinder engine, with the most realistic torque measurements possible. It contains the electronic ignition of the engine. Adapted to versions 1.39 and later made in FMod, according to SCS requirements.
You will find seven horsepower options for this engine ranging from 400HP up to 800HP. It also includes a 15 speed compound transmission with 6 final drive ratio options (from vanilla 3.23 up to 4.63)

1. 3408 T DI: 400 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1200 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
2. 3408A TA: 450 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1460 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
3. 3408B TA: 500 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1616 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
4. 3408B TA: 540 hp @ 2100 rpm, 1746 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
5. 3408E TA: 600 hp @ 2300 rpm, 1950 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
6. 3408E TA: 700 hp @ 2100 rpm, 2250 lb/ft @ 1400rpm
7. 3408E TA: 800 hp @ 2100 rpm, 2600 lb/ft @ 1400rpm

Please do not change in the mod data, or it may cause game errors. If you know how to modify them, you are at your own risk and expense, and don’t share it with anyone other than yourself.

Thanks to vsTerminus for the permission to use their sound mixes, and to YouTube user gm16v149, for recording it.

Before installing the mod, it is recommended to switch to another engine from another mod, and then remove the mod from the old version and then install this new one. Enjoy them!

Functional for versions 1.39 to 1.45 of American Truck Simulator, with sound support in convoy mode included.

Available for the following trucks:
– 9400 (Slava1)
– 9900i (SCS)
– 9900i (Cartruck)
– 9300 (Panther)

– Argosy (Harven)
– Coronado (Stas556/Dmitry68)
– FLB (Harven)
– Classic XL (odd_fellow/BSA)
– FLD (Harven)

– AT (XBS)

– K100 (CyrusTheVirus)
– K100e (Overfloater)
– T610 (GTM)
– T680
– T800 2016 (Yanred/GTM)
– T800 (GTM)
– W900
– W900a (Bigddady)
– W900b (GTM)
– W990 (Harven)
– 379 (Stas556/Fox071rus/dmitry68
– 389
– 567 (GTM)
– 579

– Superliner (RTA)
– Chu613 (FranckPeru)
– Ultraliner (CyrusTheVirus)
– Titan (GSC/Mahad110)


Western Star
– 4900 (Yukonjack/Alpi0120)

-Addition of motor load, engine brake and exhaust tracks.
-Some fixes for volume bending on audio tracks.
-Added International 9900i (SCS).
-Fixes for sii files data that was throwing errors and warnings to the game.

Prohibited to upload this mode any of its parts to other sites not authorized by the author; if you share the mod only use the link uploaded in Sharemods, and verify that the author eeldavidgt is the one who uploaded them.

Note: It is recommended to maintain game volume levels when using this mod in the attached image.

eelDavidGT (conversion to FMod), vsTerminus (sounds recording), gm16v149 (original sounds), Kapitan Kriechbaum (sample exhaust sounds).



Various truck accessories.
Painted options for plastic or chrome accessories
Grilles with added slots for lighting equipment
Sun visors with new slots and more
Compatible with standard trucks from SCS.

Change Log:
Version 7.3.1:
Added new parts
Updated for 1.45 convoy optional mod setting



18-20 Speed Transmission Pack v1.2.0 for ATS v1.43

This mod features an 18 and an 20 speed transmission that’s made for heavy loads and efficient hauling.

The differential_ratio for the ultra transmissions is: 2.83
The differential_ratio for the transmissions is: 2.94

Feedback is very important to us

**Please Do Not Edit The Files!!**

You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section

SCS Trucks supported:
Kenworth W900 (SCS)
Peterbilt 389 (SCS)
Volvo VNL (SCS)
Peterbilt 579 (SCS)
Mack Anthem (SCS)
Freightliner Cascadia (SCS)

18-20 Speed Transmission News / Updates:

– Added support for dom379
– Added support for kenworth.521
– Added support for kenworth.t800sj
– Added support for kenworth.w900.lyb
– Added two new 10 speed transmissions for frieghtliner and international trucks

**DO NOT Re-Upload to Steam or any other sites without my permission or you will be reported!!!**

**Do Not hesitate to tell me if anyone Re-Uploaded this mod to Steam or any other sites without my permission, so I can report them**

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Please Join my Discord for feedback or telling us what features we should add:)

Discord Link:

Happy Trucking and Please Be Safe:)

trainguy, Rc FlashDriver, Dmitry Trots, PikPikker


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