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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v 1.8

Date 2019-01-05 16:52

Changes 1.8:
Improved glass def files
Adjusted glass locators
Removed incorrect engined
Added correct engine
Added corresponding gearboxes
Cleanup of textures
Cleanup of models
Corrected the cabins to be recognised as cabines
Added additional Flow Below mudguards
Added better icons for parts
Separated spoilers from cabs and added them as accessories
various bug fixes
Changed DD engine sound to Mercedes

Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Lincoln by Viciados, Update and fix galimim


Freightliner Coronado v 1.1. [1.33.x]

Date 2019-01-05 16:43

Purchased in – Peterbilt.
Your salon (2 options)
Its wheels
Registered in the gallery of trucks and agency orders.
There is a tuning.
Cable support

Version 1.1:
= Fixed a bug with a mirror
= Optional addon: rear view camera

Stas556, dmitry68, adaptation for 1.33 dmitry68


ZIL 5423 MMZ v 1.1

Date 2019-01-04 16:45

– Sold in Peterbilt showroom
-One cabin
– your engines
-Its PPC
– your interior
– your sound
– your wheels

In version 1.1:

– Added girl to salon

Works on versions: 1.31.x – 1.33.x

Author: Stas556
Registration in ATS: sdonbass18

Stas556, sdonbass18

DOWNLOAD 69 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 69 MB [Modsbase]

Volvo VNR v 1.16 1.32+

Date 2019-01-02 10:43

– Standalone;
– Volvo dealership (can be Purchased at: Tucson, Las Vegas);
– 2 cabins;
– 4 chassis;
– 9 engines;
– 10 transmissions;
– 2 interiors;
– Tuning;
– Accessories in the cabin;
– Your sounds.

1.12: Interiors changed to better suit real life counterparts
Added slots for interior decorations in cup holders
Added “Made in the USA” sticker
Added “Made in the USA” sticker to interior view
Removed unavailable gps
Added support for front grill

1.13: Changed what gearbox is available with what engine to reflect real life

1.14: Improved glass def files
Adjusted glass locators

1.15: Updated Auxiliary brake lines
Updated engines
Added normal maps for interior textures

1.16: Updated interior textures to match Volvo VNL 2018

franck_peru, galimim



Scania Trucks Mod v 2.0 for ATS – by Frkn64

Date 2018-12-31 10:31

Visit our website to see more images & info of mod: https://en.frkn64modding.com/scania-trucks-mod-for-ats/
Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania Streamline – Scania R 2016 – Scania S 2016
– All trucks completely converted from ETS 2 without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
– Supports Trailer Cables feature.
Notice: This mod replaces Volvo VNL Dealer to Scania Dealer. But you can still get the Volvo VNL trucks from the same dealer.
Scania Truck Dealer locations: San Francisco – Tucson – Las Vegas – Farmington(New Mexico)
v2.0 released. Changelog;
– Added support for ATS update 1.33.
– Truck physics reverted to default ATS physics.
– Readjusted contrast value of truck parts icons.
– Fixed bugs of some truck accessories.
– All Scania trucks speedometer units changed from km/h to mph. (Only I can’t change the km/h text on the speedometer of the Scania 2016 trucks to mph. But don’t worry, the speedometer shows correct speed as mph unit.)

Please respect our work by following these rules;
– If you want to share the mod on other websites, share with the original download links below.
– Don’t re-upload the mod to any cloud storage website.
– If you edit the mod files, don’t share it on the web. Keep it only on your computer.
Thanks for your attention.

Frkn64, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 202 MB [Modsbase]
DOWNLOAD 202 MB [Sharemods]


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