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Date 2021-09-18 19:11

v2.5 changelog:

-Adapted wyoming dlc.

-All bugs fixed.(crossholes etc..)

-Sioux Falls(SD),Deadwood(SD),Mccook(NE),Oberlin(KS),Norton(KS),Phillipsburg(KS) added.

-Missing weight stations added.



Map Sierra Madre ATS America Truck Simulator Pre-Alpha 1.01

Date 2021-09-16 09:34

Greetings simulation enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce the release of a PRE-ALPHA version of our little mod “Map Sierra Madre” for American Truck Simulator 1.41. The mod is inspired by the highways of the mountains and Mexican towns. a mountainous system located in Mexico that occupies a large part of the Mexican territory. It is not a mountain range, but a plateau, crossed by numerous canyons that give the appearance of a mountain range. We do not try to represent roads or cities in great detail as other projects do, because Mexico is such a large country and our project is still quite small. Today, September 15, is a very significant date since it is the day that Mexicans celebrate our national holidays in commemoration of the independence of Mexico, and it is also the best day to give them this small gift. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, remember that it is a PRE-ALPHA version, some places still need to be detailed and areas optimized, it is very slow work and involves many hours of work.

Saludos, entusiastas de la simulación! Nos complace anunciar el lanzamiento de una versión PRE-ALPHA de nuestro pequeño mod “Mapa Sierra Madre” para American Truck Simulator 1.41. El mod está inspirado en las carreteras de la sierra y pueblos mexicanos. un sistema montañoso ubicado en México que ocupa gran parte del territorio mexicano. no es una sierra, sino una meseta, surcada por numerosos cañones que dan la apariencia de sierra. No tratamos de representar carreteras o ciudades con gran detalle como lo hacen otros proyectos, porque México es un país tan grande y nuestro proyecto es todavía bastante pequeño. Hoy 15 de septiembre, es una fecha muy significativa ya que es el día en que los mexicanos celebramos nuestras fiestas patrias en conmemoración de la independencia de México, y también es el mejor día para hacerles este pequeño obsequio. Espero que lo disfruten tanto como nosotros, recuerden que es una versión PRE-ALPHA, aún falta detallar algunos lugares y optimizar zonas, es un trabajo muy lento y conlleva muchas horas de trabajo.

“Paradiso Trucks” “Mapa Sierra Madre”



Pacific Map for ATS 1.41 by TerraMaps

Date 2021-09-11 09:44

The first is the official announcement of Pacific Map. We will start small and work on Hawaii first.
Right now, we have three developers mapping full time on Pacific Map. No release date yet. As you know, putting release dates on maps just makes maps be released longer and cause disappointment.

Pacific is also to being a training grounds for our developer recruits, and other devolopers are from time to time polishing up some things in Honolulu. Our goal is to see at minimum Honolulu released by the end of the year. Most of Honolulu is done just some detailing in downtown and some scenery along the highways. the airport and port areas are completely done.

The official plan for 1.0 is Honolulu and what else we feel like to do. This is what has been done now:




Coast to Coast v2.12.0.1

Date 2021-08-30 09:29

The Eastern half of Virginia has been completely replaced. Del Rio and Laredo TX have also been added (Patreon request)



Route Alaska v1.2.0

Date 2021-08-13 09:18

Mod adds delivery routes Valdez City, Richardson Highway, Ski Center, Alaska. v1.41. Changes in 1.2.0 the map has been moved to another sector to the north, new loading locations have been added, bugs have been fixed for the previous version. Enjoy your trip to Alaska. Install a high priority def file to work with other mods. For the mod to work, you need all the dlc maps. Fixes, departure near the city of medford.



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