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[1.36] MohSkinner Wp – Sounds – Radio Morocco 8.6

Date 2020-02-02 10:13

How to add Radio :
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2
DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator
Version Game :
Facebook :
Youtube :
01 – Morocco – Aswat FM 104.3 Serv1
02 – Morocco – Atlantic Serv1
03 – Morocco – Cap Serv1
04 – Morocco – Hit Radio – 100% Gold Serv1
05 – Morocco – Hit Radio – 100% Cover Serv1
06 – Morocco – Hit Radio – 100% Buzz Serv1
07 – Morocco – Habayiib Serv1
08 – Morocco – France Maghreb 2 Serv1
09 – Morocco – Dance Floor Serv1
10 – Morocco – Hit Radio – 100% Mgharba Serv1
11 – Morocco – Hit Radio – 100% R&B Serv1
12 – Morocco – Hit Rock – 100% Serv1
13 – Morocco – MFM Radio Serv1
14 – Morocco – Mars FM 91.2 Serv1
15 – Morocco – MedRadio Serv1
16 – Morocco – Only Rai Serv1
17 – Morocco – Medi 1 Hits Serv1
18 – Morocco – Yabiladi – Chaabi Serv1
19 – Morocco – Medi 1 Jazz Serv1
20 – Morocco – Tanger Med Serv1
21 – Morocco – Medi 1 DeeJay Serv1
22 – Morocco – Yabiladi – Amazigh Azawan Serv1
23 – Morocco – Yabiladi – Nayda Urban Serv1
24 – Morocco – Chada FM serv1
25 – Morocco – Medi 1 Serv2
26 – Morocco – Sawa Serv2
27 – Morocco – Sawa Serv1
28 – Morocco – Hit Radio Serv1
29 – Morocco – Atlantic Serv2
30 – Morocco – Radio Soleil Serv1
31 – Morocco – Medi 1 Louge Serv1
32 – Morocco – Medi 1 Latino Serv1
33 – Morocco – Yabiladi – Chaabi Serv2
34 – Morocco – Radioplus Serv1
35 – Morocco – Medina FM Serv1
36 – Morocco – Nessradio Serv1
37 – Morocco – Medi 1 Soufi Serv1
38 – Morocco – Hit Radio Serv2
39 – Morocco – Izlanzik Serv1
40 – Morocco – Atbir Serv1
41 – Morocco – Medi 1 Serv1
42 – Morocco – Medi 1 Andalouse Serv1
43 – Morocco – The Moroccan Serv1
44 – Morocco – Anwa Rock Serv1
45 – Morocco – Orient Serv1
46 – Morocco – Cap Serv2
47 – Morocco – Quran Serv1
48 – Morocco – Radio Plus Serv2
49 – Morocco – Hexagone FM Serv1
50 – Morocco – Zine Bladi Serv1
51 – Morocco – MangAnime.ma Serv1
52 – Morocco – Anwa Rock Serv2
53 – Morocco – Nador Serv1
54 – Morocco – StarMaroc Serv1
55 – Morocco – Monte Carlo Doualiya Serv1
56 – Morocco – Atbir 3 Serv1
57 – Morocco – Atbir 2 Serv1
58 – Morocco – IzlanZik Serv2
59 – Morocco – Medi 1 Tarab Serv1
60 – Morocco – Aljalia Serv1
61 – Morocco – Manarat Serv1
62 – Morocco – Nota Magharibia Serv1
63 – Morocco – Izlan Amazigh Serv1
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MohSkinner Workshop

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Date 2020-02-02 10:09

Version 1.0:
1.27-1.36 ats game version

-Hi guys this mod change standart scs peterbilt trucks engine sounds
with real sounds.

Peterbilt 389:
-Cummins İSX15(NOT X15) engine sounds added for vanilla cummıns engines.
-I dont touch scs engine sound its Paccar mx engines sound(old).
-Caterpillar c15 twin turbo engine sounds added for vanilla caterpillar engines.
-All engine prices are optimized.
-You can try in company truck quıck jobs.

Peterbilt 579:
-Cummins İSX15(NOT X15) engine sounds added for vanilla cummıns engines.
-Paccar mx-13 engine sounds added for vanilla paccar mx engines.
-All engine prices are optimized.
-You can try in company truck quıck jobs.

Hot fix.
Peterbilt 579 paccar sound bug fixed.
Paccar interior sound adjusted.

-DETROİT DİESEL SERİES 60(DD60) engines with sounds added peterbilt 389 and peterbilt 579

If you want to buy me some coffee you can make premıum download in share mods




Sound Fixes Pack v 20.3

Date 2020-01-28 16:42


Temporary train sounds added to silent trains in DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea. [ETS2 edition]
Applied real engine + real horn sounds for new trucks in Painted Truck Traffic Pack v9.6 by Jazzycat. [ETS2 edition]
Applied real engine + real horn sounds for new trucks in Painted Truck Traffic Pack v3.3 by Jazzycat. [ATS edition]


– Pack provides improvements to common sounds in the game. It includes euphonious, relaxing and real sounds.
– The goal of the mod is to make the game’s sounds feel like real life. The mod will have regular updates to cover more sounds to add immersion. Thus the Steam Workshop version is highly recommended for quicker updates.


* ETS2 1.36.2 + ATS 1.36.1. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.
* Supports compatibility with your favorite rain sound mods as this does not alter rain/thunder sounds. Check the load order image included for more details.
* If using any of Grimes’ seasonal mods, place the seasonal mod with higher priority than the Sound Fixes Pack for a more accurate seasonal experience.
* If using winter mods, please enable Frosty Winter Weather Sound addon with higher priority (in Options folder or Steam Workshop).
* Traffic density/behavior mods (in lower priority in Mod Manager) can enable the realistic sound ranges plugin from Sound Fixes Pack by inserting this line into def/traffic_data.sii: @include “traffic_data_update.sui”


Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods, RusMap, etc.)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. Jazzycat’s traffic packs)
– any AI traffic density/behavior mods (e.g. those listed in section below)


## 1. Tire / Tyre sounds

* Real interior + exterior tire sounds. Tires will resonate in the cab depending on how fast you are accelerating and what speed you are in, giving a feel for your sense of speed.
* Heavier gravel sounds on dirt/gravel roads. Tire sounds for grass also included.

## 2. Suspension sounds

* Light and medium impacts to suspension can trigger cabin squeaking and movement sounds of the cabin.
* Hard impacts can trigger key swinging sounds in the interior view.

## 3. Gameplay / UI sounds

* “Late music” replaced with Nokia phone ringtone sound (volume of this sound depends on Music volume in the in-game Audio settings).
* “Bing bong” chime for train and ferry loading screen sounds.
* Reduced volume of garage door sound, adviser message sound and yawning sound.
* New quiet photo camera sound effect for screenshots.
* Improved UI sound effects, including a mdc1200 signal sound for escort messages with the Special Transport DLC.

## 4. Fuel / Gas station sounds

* Retro/historic ding sound for while the fuel is pumping (circa 1960s to 1970s). The number of dings can help give you an idea on how much you refueled.
* Real fuel pump, fuel lid, door close, seat belt click and key insertion sound effects for after refueling to a full tank.

## 5. Interior sounds

* PrePass weigh station signal sounds have a quieter volume.
* Real stick/switch/button sounds for: parking brake, hazard light, wiper stick, light switch and blinker / indicator / turn signal.
* Real rumblestrip sound.
* Real retarder sound. [ATS only]
* Lane-keeping (Driver Alert Support) alert sound if you drive on to the grass too fast (as per EU legal regulations).
* Lift axle sound now includes button press sound effect.
* Improved wind sound.
* Mix of default amplified gear grinding sounds and new gear grinding sounds. Can be heard when you have damaged the transmission and/or gearbox.
* Air cutoff sounds less audible in interior.

## 6. Trailer sounds

* Real sound effects for trailer coupling + uncoupling.
* Improved sounds for trailer brace and trailer cable connecting.

## 7. AI Traffic sounds

* More refined generic AI traffic car sounds. Less buzz noise and more tire sounds and quiet engine sounds.
* AI traffic vehicles given new horn sounds. Depending on the patience of the driver, a short or long honk may be used.
* Carefully detailed real AI engine/horn sounds for individual vehicles from the base game as well as AI traffic mods.
* You can hear the slight sound of vehicles overtaking you or passing by you in the oncoming lane.

## 8. Mover sounds

* Improved audio for a vast amount of moving objects including biplanes, trains (included train horns) etc.
* Enabled sound for a vast amount of movers that don’t originally come with sound (e.g. F22 jet fighters, ocean waves, tugboats, hot air balloons, you name it!).

## 9. Location based ambience

* Appropriate volumes for prefab soundscape in American Truck Simulator.
* Suitable volumes for the sounds of the environment in various map mods.
* Reduced volume for gate sounds in the Animated Gates mod by Schumi (both ETS2 and ATS).

## 10. Air horn sounds
* Improved air horn sounds for American Truck Simulator available at the service station (replacing existing ones).
* Air horn sounds available for ATS are: Used air horn (low price), a sweet and deep air horn, and a train horn. WARNING: Not recommended to use more than two air horns at a time. [ATS only]

## 11. Voice navigation
* Unrealistic phrases removed from English Doug and Skye UK and US voice navigation.


The mod also provides real top speeds, real torque values and real colors for the AI vehicles which are modded with custom sounds.
This is due to the top speed, engine torque, and color settings being shared in the same file as the sound settings for each AI vehicle.
However in the interest in bringing realism, the AI vehicle colors are 100% verifiable using real paint codes, colors from the paintref website, and photos.
Rarer colors (e.g. purple) will have a lower probability to be seen.


* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod
* antonvezdehod, Ludmilla and Katixa/Irreo for some tire sounds
* Balamut for some key swing and light suspension sounds
* AlexeyP for some trailer coupling, gate/barrier and fuel pump sounds, and sounds from Improved Environment Sound
* cipinho for some AI traffic sounds
* kriechbaum for light switch, blinker off, and high beam stick sounds
* Slider_556 for cleaning suspension sound effects
* Vasily EVR for some engine and horn sounds from the DAF XF 105, DAF XF 106, and the 1st gen Scania R.


The SCS Forum link below for Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and can be used to give feedback and ask any questions about the mod:


The following traffic density/behavior mods have enabled the realistic AI Traffic sound range effect plugin from the Sound Fixes Pack:

-Real Traffic Density by Cip [ETS2]
-Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip [ATS]
-Rudi’s Rush Hour [ETS2]
-Traffic density and speedlimits by piva [ETS2]
-Improved AI Traffic by FX2K [ETS2]
-Realistic traffic by Rockeropasiempre [ETS2/ATS]

SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Ludmilla, Katixa/Irreo, Balamut, AlexeyP, cipinho, kriechbaum, Slider_556, Vasily EVR



(LIVE) Radio police/fire/ems/ham….. no music stations

Date 2020-01-28 10:23


(just doing a reupload due to another site and needing to put my dropbox link in description because its been shared on sharemods by the other site and nobody would get updated file on sharemods)

just in case anybody would be interested

here i have made a live radio list sii file, some can be a little silent (less busy than others), has fire/police/ems/marine/ham radios from AZ, CA,CT, IL, MI, NM, NV, OK, OR, PA, UT, WA, WI.

i use the same dropbox link to update the file (redownload every few days or whenever to check if im updating as i will add to my notices if i am)

The ONLY upload i have done recently is from my dropbox where the link ALWAYS remains the same which is this https://www.dropbox.com/s/jaq60dvnk1pcvrq/live_streams.sii?dl=0 (DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM OTHER LINKS OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET UPDATES OR NOTICES TO SEE IF STREAMS ARE UP/DOWN OR IF IM ADDING STREAMS)



sort by genre so my notices goes on top

it has the following

Flagstaff Fire/EMS (AZ)

Holbrook Fire/EMS—- (AZ)

Phoenix Police—- (AZ)

Eureka Fire/Police/EMS—- (CA)

Burbank/Glendale Police/Fire/LAPD Dispatch—– (CA)

Los Angeles Police/Fire—– (CA)

Oxnard Police—– (CA)

Sacramento Sheriff/City Police—– (CA)

Stockton Police/Fire/EMS—– (CA)

Lee County IA Police/Fire/EMS/Marine/HAM—– (IA)

Alamogordo Sheriff/Fire/EMS—– (NM)

Reno and Sparks Police/Fire—– (NV)

Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch—– (OR)

Aberdeen Police/Fire—– (WA)

Bellingham Sheriff/Police/Highway Patrol—– (WA)

Austin TX Amateur Repeaters—– (HAM)

Amateur Radio Repeater VHF 146.655—– (HAM)

Dallas TX Area Amateur Radio—– (HAM)

WW7PSR 146.960 MHz PSRG Repeater—– (HAM)

WIN System Amateur Repeater Network—– (HAM)

Lee County IA Police/Fire/EMS/Marine/HAM (IA)

Zion/North Chicago IL Police (IL)

Sangamon County IL Sheriff/Police/State Police (IL)

Detroit Fire Department (MI)

Ingham County MI Sheriff/Police (MI)

Ingham County MI Fire/EMS (MI)

Sheriff/Fire/EMS (NM Alamogordo)

Reno and Sparks Police/Fire (NV)

Jackson County OK Police/Fire/EMS (OK)

Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch (OR)

Philadelphia Police (PA)

Washington County UT Sheriff/Police/Fire (UT)

Sevier County Police/Fire/EMS (UT)

Beaver County Sheriff/EMS (UT)

Aberdeen Police/Fire (WA)

Bellingham Sheriff/Police/Highway Patrol (WA)

Milwaukee County Law Enforcement (WI)

Milwaukee County Fire (WI)

put the live_streams.sii file in DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator (back up your sii file incase you want the original stations back)

(i cannot control whats up and what isnt)




Date 2020-01-26 10:24

Version 4.0:

1.27-1.36 ats game version

-Hi guys this mod change standart scs kenworth trucks engine sounds
with real sounds and ı add new engines with sounds for kenworth trucks.

-New Caterpıllar c18(hett) engines with sounds added for kenworth w900
-Added new company trucks with new sounds.

-Added new DD60a engines with sounds for kenworth w900.
-Kenworth t680 all engines completed(torque curves,prices,consumption,def,jake powers..)
-Added new company trucks with new sounds.

-Company trucks added you can try all sounds in quıck jobs.

Kenworth t680:
-Added new Detroit diesel 15(dd15) engines with sounds.(2017)

Kenworth t680:
-Cummins x15 engine sounds added for vanilla cummıns engines.
-I dont touch orgınal engine sound its Paccar mx engines sound(old).
-Added new cummins 444 series engines with sounds.
-Added new detroit diesel series 60 engines with sounds.
-I rework all engines torque curve,def and fuel consumption etc..
-All engine prices are optimized.
-Retarder sound added

Kenworth w900:
-Cummins x15 engine sounds added for vanilla cummıns engines
-Paccar mx-13 engine sounds added for vanilla paccar mx engines.
-I dont touch orgınal engine sound its Caterpillar engines sound.(its nice sound)
-I rework all engines torque curve,def and fuel consumption etc..
-All engine prices are optimized.
-Retarder sound added.


voıth, Kriechbaum


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