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Mexuscan 1.10.1

Date 2016-07-09 21:51


Coast 2 Coast v1.8 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.10.1
other map mod
2-C2C 1.8
other no map mod

not compatible with weather mod for now

add download link for zoom fix for user of sounds fixes pack v15.x

*fix speed limit
*fix bugs


DOWNLOAD 68 KB [sound fixes]

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35 Responses to Mexuscan 1.10.1

  1. Tim

    Still crashing when you try to go to Fairbanks

  2. you must have a mod with hdr.sii modified and create a conflict

  3. cristiannarcis79

    Many thanks for amending intersections in Alaska, which was no snow in the previous version . Expect a change in the world map , please outline the American continent

  4. paulfred

    Thank you for your excellent work.

  5. Tim

    Ahh, yeah I’m running Brutal Light, is that a conflict? It worked with the older version of your map. Many thanks to all your hard too BTW, much appreciated.

  6. iskander66

    The map goes out the continent. There is a fix to put the map in the right position?

  7. i create a Patch for users of Piva Weather:http://sharemods.com/d5ftjgy2umrs/Mexuscan_Piva_Patch.scs.html

    when you have a crash in fairbanks, it’s because you have a mod with /def/hdr.sii modified include and create a conflict with mexuscan new climate add in version 1.10

    say me what mod create a conflict and i make a patch

    • Pat

      is there a way to add more companies to the map. there are very little car dealerships to deliver to could you add them to more cities like seattle.


    Witam. czy mapa MARIO ,bedzie działąć na tej wersji ? .

  9. changeisgood

    Please do something about Edmonton, or a.k.a Las Vegas, Alberta. I’m sure they don’t have this many tall casino buildings in real life.

  10. steve helvitson


  11. Tim

    where does the weather mod patch go in priority?

  12. Tim

    Would it be possible to make a patch for this mod?


  13. Ebrake

    RAR file never seems to work for me. can you post in scs format pleae?

  14. Alexo

    Nice map big thx from Russia! What about the small country roads? Can you add this between cities? the hiway is good but small country roads is a best chalenge to train your driving skill :) with best wishes

  15. henner

    nice job but bug look the picture

  16. Justin

    Heading west out of Prince Rupert the road wasnt lined up properly and it crashed my truck

    • Eep²

      Yea, there are several times where route 37 through Canada has its road suddenly jar to one way or the other at rest stops. Also, I took a job from San Francisco, CA to Prudhoe Bay, AK and it only gave me like 75 hours to complete yet my tripometer time was like 125 hours from the start. Something isn’t being calculated correctly.

  17. Edwin

    You should add towns in ontario: Owen Sound and Tobermory with a Fierry route connecting tobermory and South Baymoth in Manitoulin island so you can use that route to get to sudbury faster and other routes to.

  18. steve helvitson


  19. Andrew

    Weigh scales drop the speed limit to 15mph on the main road. Please fix. Also never get forced to weigh in on your map only vanilla map.

  20. Nafetz

    The Map is not DRIVIABLE !!! speed limit drops to 15mph !!!

  21. Nafetz

    The Map is not DRIVIABLE !!! speed limit drops to 15 mph !!!

  22. Peter Klemmensen

    I have the same trouble on the 401 coming out of Montreal. Once you leave the city, the speed is 15 mile per hour.

  23. Cbub

    The roads doesn’t connect with anything!!!! I need to teleport onto your map to make it work!!!

  24. Driver

    Could you add more details to the landscapes, especially in Mexico

  25. Brett


  26. cristiannarcis79

    How nice it would be if it would start building roads through Mexico and Cuba . It would be very nice to get a ferry from the US to Cuba :) <3 <3 :)

  27. carl

    problems with map zoom … can coast to coast v1.8 not get as full america map … update

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