Louisiana Raceway v 1.2

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Version 1.2:
* Added diesel trucks racing sounds to the raceway as well as swamp sounds on the offroad course!
* More I10 improvements as far as scenery goes. (I10 scenery improvements stretch from El Paso, TX to Tallahassee, FL)
* Changed the truck stop that is the entrance to the raceway into a MEGA truckstop
* Added a tunnel shortcut to Miami from the truck stop. G.A.T.

Author: Rickpp

DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Uploadfiles]

22 thoughts on “Louisiana Raceway v 1.2

  1. need exact position can´t find it with the coast to coast map installed looked around new orleans and miami

  2. haven’t reach the racetrack yet, and U have updated a few times alreaDY, great work, can’t wait…better take a deilvery there a.s.a.p

  3. Craashing

  4. scania_dragon

    This is not a racing game. It’s a trucking and transportation game! Nonsense!
    Go and play GTA ….

    1. I agree. But there is an actual race track in the game already :D

    2. Why don’t you go and tell this to SCS as they have put a racetrack already It’s like saying when someone puts a bus in the game when there are buses Just not one you can drive

    3. i didnt know people made mods to make you happy. if you dont like the mod dont download it. that easy!

    4. The crashman

      No…it is a simulator..and herein America ..we have race tracks!.and people in trucks deliver #### there….got a problem with that then #### off back to ur world where only things u like exist. This guy had put a lot of time and hard work making an outstanding mod for FREE!.not to mention contributing what is in my opinion the best drive in all of ATS..TAIL OF THE DRAGON in c2c..so don’t use it jack wagon!…tganks for the great mod man.

    5. Everone is entitled to their own opinion……trust me though……you’re the minority.
      Glad you like the Tail of the Dragon Crashman….

  5. Ok I see the raceway, but I can’t figure out how to get there, What priroty should have the mod ,, roads are not connecting to the map….
    Help please !!!

    1. Don’t worry about the GPS. follow your eyes and they will lead you right to the Raceway

  6. I used the rest area to sleep , at fuel station, and when I woke up, another semi crashed into my truck and totaled it. It was almost like I was playing on-line

  7. senne demeulenaere

    where is the tunnel in miami?

      1. trust me…….It’s connected

  8. There is a couple of issues west bound on i10 in Mississippi there is a invincible wall on the right lane. highway signs are in the air near New Orleans.

    1. yes….i got a few reports on that one. On the newest revision, I rebuilt the entire bridge due to glitches.

  9. Hello, it’s all good, thank you

  10. the thing is G.A.T no longer works since Phoenix has been added by SCS so why the tunnel?

    1. Since the release of the AZ DLC they removed some of the textures used by G.A.T.
      I would’ve had to rebuild the entire gat, so I basically abandoned it. After the ATS rescale, I may construct a single tunnel from east coast to the west coast for all you ######## truckers.

    2. yeah….i was quite upset when the AZ DLC came out and my G.A.T. no longer worked. Would’ve had to rebuild the entire thing so I abandoned it. You never know though…….after the rescale there may be a single east to west G.A.T. tunnel in the near future. My newest revision of the Raceway…..(now called Interstate 10) has The Cheyenne Mountain underground complex complete with a functioning STARGATE and delivery terminal!! CHECK IT OUT.

  11. Hello all….
    It’s amazing the response that the Raceway is getting. It is a w.i.p. and I am constantly making revisions. For the latest revision go to SCS software’s forum and check out my thread which I’ve changed the name to Interstate 10 v1.0. It still has the track included, but that is only a small part of my additions. The latest is the addition of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (CMAFB). Deep underground is the base where a functioning terminal and functioning STARGATE is located. Enjoy all…..cheers

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