Piva Weather Mod v 2.4

Piva-Weather-Mod-3 Piva-Weather-Mod-2 Piva-Weather-Mod-1

Changed HDR parameters (target_gray, target_white)
Changed stars night textures.
Made compatible with MexUsCan 1.10 map. Add winter climate for Alaska.
Also Best for using with C2C and MexUsCan maps.

Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 124 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 124 MB [Uploadfiles]


23 thoughts on “Piva Weather Mod v 2.4

  1. hello man, i like your weather mods, can i ask with you something in private??? ……please write to me on [email protected]

  2. marc castella

    Hello, malheureusement les link ont expirés


  3. ####! The sky is red!

      1. Thanks and sorry for my words.

  4. The sky has no texture, it’s red.

  5. Piva: Links updated, mod fixed.

    New link: http://sharemods.com/gedd8m2kv9i0/pwm4ats_2_4.scs.zip.html

  6. sky red bro fix it

  7. LIARS-DOnt use mods!!! :D Because you not know HOW use mods :D This mod work normal, NO red sky :P :D

  8. Mod work…not RED!!!! Leanr , HOW use MODS ok?? Dont lie…

    1. Learn english man. Then we’ll talk.

  9. Sky texture is red!!….please fix it, thanks!

  10. Download links changed.

  11. Pat Stringer

    Probleme Red sky :(

  12. Pat Stringer

    Ok Piva :)

  13. Hi there, when I light up my heads light, it light up all my chromes, air filter, pushbar, exhaust pipes, even in the cabin, all bright parts like the CB frame lights up… Only low beam, not on High beams, example, if I have only positions light on and I flash hibeams, it doesn’t light up the entire thing, only in low beam… Odd no ???

    1. for me – fine

  14. why not make the sky nice and clear and sunny? why make it couldy?

  15. Всё хорошо, но при включении фар грузовик становится засвеченным снаружи полностью, и заметно проседает фпс. На предыдущей версии этого мода такого не было. Проверял на полностью чистой игре, без модов на свет/графику и грузовиков. Это можно как-то исправить?

    1. Удалить папку units

      1. Помогло, спасибо.

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