Kenworth K100 V2 edited by Solaris36


All detected bugs/errors fixed.
Added new interior textures by ROUDOU. Thanks a lot. :-)
A lot of changes on cabins, models, accessories…
I sure you will appreciate them.
Thanks to all who contributed whit info, ideas and informed errors.


Solaris36, Ivan, Ols, AU44, Oleg_Conte, Darklorrd, Rus47tam, V4sil3, BoomStas556, Dmitry68, SCS, Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004, Vitalik062, Scaniamatteo. Skins by: Skiner (3), Pauly, Richthofen20, BrianC, Darkside220, [JNR-SNR] Senior, Bobbo662 (4), Andybb3, Jet (3), Rondo


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29 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 V2 edited by Solaris36

  1. In GPS there is no backlight.

    1. solaris36

      Thanks. I note. I will fix this asap.

  2. Paulo Costa

    Thank you, the best yet. Congratulations.

  3. Love this truck. Can you make it for ETS2 too Thanks :)

  4. TruckerNate

    Hey Mate Top Edit, Just A Heads Up With The Different Beds They Show Up At The Back of The Cab And The Jakes Don’t Work In The Next Edit Will You Plan On Adding Them Thanks

  5. Video: ATS Mods: Kenworth K100 V2 edited by Solaris36 (American Truck Simulator)

  6. TruckerMan

    Thanks!! Great job

  7. could we possibly see a 2 spoke steering wheel in the duture and could you update the animation for it like the t800;s steering animation

  8. Thanks guys for the great update
    And now a tip regarding jake brake not working : ogg files were probably compressed when added instead of just “stored”.I removed them and replaced them by others and it works.This after editing to new defs (“engine_brake[]: .eb” and “.eb”

    What I would like for the short cab version is 5th wheel a bit fixed (thinner and more horizontal) to better adjust trailers (like on Aerodyne : perfect)
    And btw the short cab front is closer to the original than the Aerodyne (larger windshield)

  9. Scottish Trucker

    Does this replace any of the stock trucks?

  10. MetalDragon

    Nice edit one or two things would like to ask for a back light on GPS and also for OnBoard Computer can make a kind of blue theme to it other then the yellow it has would mach dashboard light better.

    Also more interior colors would be cool really don’t like all that brown ish maybe a black like original as for bits to have laying around cab (love the Garfield btw) how about some coffee, books (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) tasty cakes! :)

  11. Fully standalone truck yeah !

  12. Problem in quick jobs, Aerodyne cab crashes the game, and one of the standard doesn’t show up.

    1. solaris36

      Ok. Thank you to inform. :-)
      I note.

  13. solaris36

    All problems you’re inform fixed!! :-)

  14. Nestor_Motta

    Jake Break no work for me… :(

    1. solaris36

      You should read a little and see that we have already mentioned and I have said already corrected. In the next release it will work correctly.
      Greetings. :-)

  15. Eagle_Eye

    Was ported from ETS2..

  16. There is a small problem with shadow with 6×4 long frame chassis. It is misaligned with the chassis model.

    1. solaris36

      I see. I will fix asap. :-)
      Thank you to inform.

  17. How can be interior camera be edited so it could be rotated inside sleeping compartment like on FLB

  18. TheLegend

    Listen i appreciate all the effort that goes into these trucks. But you modders all worried about being the first to release mods is getting old. Try doing a perfect mod first before releasing for once instead of releasing just so it out there. This trucks for the 2nd release still has no jake brake like come on boys main part of a truck slowing down. Give your heads a shake!

    1. solaris36

      Brake jake already works. Other many things too. Fix version tomorrow. Stay online. ;-)

  19. any chance of being able to get a template so myself an others could make our own skins?

    1. solaris36

      Look at any of the skins included and make your own one. :-)
      You can found it on “vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob

  20. solaris36


    This file will be deleted 03/03/2016

    Latest version can be downloaded from:

  21. Great mod, thank you !

  22. wish there could be an engine with 850 hp and 8000nm torque

  23. Hey solaris will you consider making wither the k108 or k200?

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