Kenworth K100 V3 edited by Solaris36


V3 Changelog:

Fixed long cabin shadows.
Fixed wheels shadow.
Reworked 5th wheel.
Reworked sounds.
Fixed quick jobs.
GPS backlight ON.
Other minor changes.

Clean Gamelog!!

Tested on 1.00.4s version


4×2 Super Short
6×4 Standard
6×4 Aerodyne
6×4 Super Long


Solaris36, Ivan, Ols, AU44, Oleg_Conte, Darklorrd, Rus47tam, V4sil3, BoomStas556, Dmitry68, SCS, Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004, Vitalik062, Scaniamatteo. Skins by: Skiner (3), Pauly, Richthofen20, BrianC, Darkside220, [JNR-SNR] Senior, Bobbo662 (4), Andybb3, Jet (3), Rondo. Interior textures by RouDou. Sounds by Kriechbaum & OddFellow


44 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 V3 edited by Solaris36

  1. Spectracon

    Beautiful work Solaris, do you think in the future you can change the model of the circular mirrors? They’re very low poly and its always bugged me. If not do you think you can make a standalone pack for the wheels? Either way great work man.

    1. solaris36

      Hey it’s a good idea standalone wheels. :-)
      Maybe in later edit I can put this circular mirrors like an accessory, separate of main mirrors….

      1. Spectracon

        Thank you so much Solaris. I love that you respond to your fans!

  2. Does sharemods money feed your family ? You must be very poor to work so hard for those euro-cents. Hard work as taking others people mods, resolving some bugs and then spamming your lame website asking for people respect and sheet.
    Give me your paypal email and I’ll send you a dollar, more than you make in a day with that sharemorons ####.


  3. FANTASTIC TRUCK, I already have made ​​several deliveries with the ” V2″ and as an european trucker, I have chosen the 4×2 version (thank you for this one!) : a real treat in cities and tight turns!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. solaris36

    Thank God I have a job and earn money to live. This is a hobby because I like working with computers and computer games than can be modified by the users, so if I do things I like, money is not important, and with these cents I can buy gifts for my girl, for example. :-)
    Thanks for the dollar, you can drink a beer to my health. :-)

  5. Thx for all your trucks for ETS and ATS you are the best truck reworker.Do you have plans for other trucks ?

  6. Mad_Driver

    can you change the sound of the caterpiler engine?

    1. solaris36

      You can do it yourself. Change the ogg files on sound/truck/cat_e int and ext folders.
      Exchange them for the ones you like. :-)

  7. Awesome mod, great work!
    Maybe You can add some girl on the right seat? :)

  8. How to edit interior camera so it rotates inside sleeping room?

    1. solaris36

      360º interior camera only works when you’re driving. :-)

      1. Noooo….i meant interior camera like in FLB to rotate behind the seat in bed

  9. Trucker_bob

    Great and a FANTASTIC MOD! only the jake brakes sounds are muted.. Cant hear them with Boston Diesel Engines.

  10. Have you fixed the issue with the jake brake sound not working? This was an issue present in V1 and V2.. don’t want to waste my time downloading and waste even more time grinding for cash to buy the truck (again) if this issue hasn’t been resolved.

    1. solaris36

      U don’t need to buy truck to test.
      There are quick jobs.
      Choose 6x cabin and test it.

      Jake brake on Cummins engine are very smooth but present.
      On CAT engines are very strong and louder.

      1. Aventador

        why i can’t change spoiler color when i choose skins for example red baron? spoler was painted only black

  11. Lean-out camera is not working correctly, it puts me on the passenger seat instead.

  12. When I go into customize the truck, all the text shows up as white blocks and is not readable.
    When I go back to the showroom, all the text is white blocks there too.

    Any Ideas?

  13. Thanks Solaris for the update
    Unless I missed something I must sell the previous version truck and purchase it again in the game otherwise error lines
    I noticed design pb with the short cab : front axle is wider than rear axles
    You can see it easily in the browser (rear and view).Aerodyne cab is good
    Would appreciate a shorter Aerodyne chassis and ported to ETS2 in further update

  14. Aleksandar

    Can someone tell me how to change sound of CAT 3406E 550 engine?
    I really like sound of that engine from first version of the truck.
    Great work solaris36!!

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Can you port this to ETS2? Seems that there is no K100 working on last ETS2 patch. Thanks!

  16. Nice mod man!! But there is no Jake Brake on the 4×2 Super Short

  17. There is a ”tick” in the Detroit Diesel sounds. It’s a bad sound edit for the loop.

  18. Love this mod Solaris36, just wondering if it would be possible to add the k100 cabover in a future update?.


    The link I not letting me download the mod :(

  20. Nice truck but the gas tanks should be more brighter, they look to “dark grey”. Real K100 have more metal/chrome finish on their tanks.

  21. Gert Thomsen

    Thank you fore yours mod Solaris the are real good

  22. Gert Thomsen

    Thanks fore good mods

  23. Could you add the long frame and rear fenders like the ones in ets2, and maybe a few show like items?

  24. Joshua Peterson

    For next version, could you had a option where the truck has a sleeper but only shorter with just one fuel tank on both sides?

  25. Doesn’t seem to work with the latest ATS patch. If I use Aerodyne Superlong i can play for a minute then the game crash and if I buy it without making any changes in the truck dealer the game crashes as soon as I have bought it and leaves the truck dealer.

  26. Nevermind found out that is was another mod that was the culprit.

  27. Hey solaris any chance of making a k108 or k200?

  28. Great truck so far.
    There is just one bug/glitch/conflict that makes it really hard for me to drive this thing.
    In combination with “Real Graphics” mod (, the outside is waaay to bright in cockpit perspective. In fact it’s so bright, sometimes i can’t even see the streets in daylight. From the outside, or even when i look outside the left window, the brightness is fine.
    This truck is the only one with which I have this problem.

  29. Hello! First I’d like to say that I appreciate this great mod! Is there a possibility for updating to make it compatible with the 1.3 update (currently in Open beta) for ATS so that we can use it with the Advanced Trailer Coupling feature?

    That would be awesome.


  30. Yeah, nice model, but, it doesn’t work with the new version of ATS, get it sorted please.

  31. link doesn’t work

  32. Wayne Templeton

    Yes, beautiful truck but I can’t get it to show up in Quick Jobs so I can’t test drive it. Any suggestions?

  33. mattmobes

    PLEASE FIX!! My K100 Will not fit underneath the trailer kingpins, it just pushes the trailer back, therefore I have to use teleportation and freecam to attach the trailer and that once gave me 5 percent damage

    Otherwise you did a great job on this truck and I really like it, keep up the good work :D


  34. Ignacio Perez

    the link not found

  35. can this version be skinned ? is there a template ?

  36. Have anyone link please??? Thanks.

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