12 thoughts on “Volvo VNL V2

  1. you should fix the issue with the seat-adjusting. you HAVE to make it so you can go further back. AND the dashboard-screen is not right.


    P.S.: other than mentioned issues the truck is cool!

  2. Automat files errors and red texture on upper right mirror

  3. i would use this truck so much if somewone just updated the steering rotation to 900 or even more to make it realistic

  4. Faelandaea

    I shall assume correctly from the comments here that no one else gets an instant crash when trying to select different tires. In that case this mod conflicts with 50K tires, and I’d rather have 50K tires than this truck, but just an FYI for those who want to try to use both – it will crash the game.

  5. Really cool truck!

    But i have a few problems:

    1. The dashbord screen is not at the correct position
    2. The horn does not work in the cabin view
    3. You can only buy it at lvl 24…

  6. Just as Marcel1801 says, the issue with the seat-adjusting should be fixed (The player sits way to close to the dashboard), and also the dashboard needs to be fixed (The upper part of the dashboard screen is missing), but also the horn sound can’t be heard from interior view.
    Another thing: The lamps that are supposed to be on the roof and stuff is not avaible.

    Appart from that, i think this truck is actually pretty nice, and it handles well. :)¨

    1. Thanls CrazyBlazeChicken :D I appreciate that you’ve agreed with me :D


  7. Данный мод не соответствует как на видео!!! Автор – редактор! Где задняя часть кабины, как на видео??? Вот это реально – ГОВНО!!!

  8. HELP PLEASE, every time i open it in win rar then and drag the scs file in my ats mods folder it says the file is corrupted. It does this to every for a .rar file please help!!!

  9. Is there a option to take off the dual exhausts?

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