ZIL 5423 MMZ v 1.1

– Sold in Peterbilt showroom
-One cabin
– your engines
-Its PPC
– your interior
– your sound
– your wheels

In version 1.1:

– Added girl to salon

Works on versions: 1.31.x – 1.33.x

Author: Stas556
Registration in ATS: sdonbass18

Stas556, sdonbass18

DOWNLOAD 69 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 69 MB [Modsbase]

6 thoughts on “ZIL 5423 MMZ v 1.1

  1. I’m sorry but…
    -Low bar not appearing
    -Roof lights bar not appearing
    -Bullbar not appearing
    etc etc etc …
    uninstalled !

    1. sdonbass18 is bad mods!

      1. sdonbass18

        Don’t be a hater, I make great mods!

        1. Maybe, but not this one… Sorry…

        2. I’m sorry, I just get sick and often carry a heresy. I am a sick person

          1. I’m sorry for you, but none of your mods are working properly, and this is not the first one I’m testing! I’m 300 maps and 800 mods listed since 2013! So, when I say something, I have evidence, besides I’m myself a creator of mods and maps! And the next time you want to steal my identity in the comments, try to act as an adult and not as a kid! ;-)

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