Volvo VNR v 1.16 1.32+

– Standalone;
– Volvo dealership (can be Purchased at: Tucson, Las Vegas);
– 2 cabins;
– 4 chassis;
– 9 engines;
– 10 transmissions;
– 2 interiors;
– Tuning;
– Accessories in the cabin;
– Your sounds.

1.12: Interiors changed to better suit real life counterparts
Added slots for interior decorations in cup holders
Added “Made in the USA” sticker
Added “Made in the USA” sticker to interior view
Removed unavailable gps
Added support for front grill

1.13: Changed what gearbox is available with what engine to reflect real life

1.14: Improved glass def files
Adjusted glass locators

1.15: Updated Auxiliary brake lines
Updated engines
Added normal maps for interior textures

1.16: Updated interior textures to match Volvo VNL 2018

franck_peru, galimim


7 thoughts on “Volvo VNR v 1.16 1.32+

  1. Fake uploader!

    1. Really fck this community! Everybody is a thief!!
      Those thieves fckd the modding, every talented modder quit because of that!

      1. This community has deteriorated because of YouT…… who gangrene this simulation with their behaviors worthy of their disrespectful teen subscribers! It is also for this reason that I put forward the best creations, and that I point out the thieves! Being a moddeur and mapper for over 10 years now, I decided to share my files only with trusted sites, or on our own community forum! Unfortunately, many children can not read and download thieves’ uploads illegally, when they do not promote them on their video channel! And to say that this site was healthy a few years ago! But things are changing, and not good!

        1. bonjour BigJhon, je me présente peperebvs et je voudrais savoir où je pourrais vos créations de camions et de maps, merci d’ avance pour votre réponse.

  2. Hola, soy nuevo en todo lo que se refiere a “A.T.S” y la verdad no entiendo el procedimiento de instalación de mods, principalmente camiones, ya que “A.T.S” tiene muy poca variedad de vehículos.

    ¿Hay alguíen que pudiese explicarme la instalación de éstos mods? Se los agradecería mucho.

    PD: Buena página:)

    1. When you start a new save he get’s save in our Documents folder, there u will find the “American Truck Simulator” folder, u open, and go to the “mod” folder, if you haven’t that folder u can create…
      The .scs files go there, if the mod isn’t a .scs file, but a lot of archives u can just put the .rar there without extract the mod.

  3. The mod needs optimization. I uninstalled it because my fps drops down too much. Also it needs fixing. Many baking errors, warnings. etc. Also, the right mirror is messed up. For some reason it wont update the reflections in the moment, making it useless.

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