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Freightliner Coronado v 1.1. [1.33.x]

Date 2019-01-05 16:43

Purchased in – Peterbilt.
Your salon (2 options)
Its wheels
Registered in the gallery of trucks and agency orders.
There is a tuning.
Cable support

Version 1.1:
= Fixed a bug with a mirror
= Optional addon: rear view camera

Stas556, dmitry68, adaptation for 1.33 dmitry68


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5 Responses to Freightliner Coronado v 1.1. [1.33.x]

  1. BigJhon

    Stolen mod!

  2. TomDooley

    Someone skimmed the forum again… support the original modder, not such leeches

  3. it’s the third mod stolen today, STOP !

  4. BigJhon

    Unfortunately, despite several dozens of reports of this account on this site, as well as the file hosts it uses, this thief continues with impunity to do his wrongdoing without being removed in the least! And yet SCS Software took legal action against it a few months ago!

  5. Freeze

    if you gonna do something fix the #### steering wheel. It’s not the right one!

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