Kenworth W900a Fix

Kenworth-W900a-1 Kenworth-W900a-2 Kenworth-W900a-3

Fully independent model. Its interior, animation.
Buy in the Kenworth. There are further modifications of interior and truck.
Spelled out in the ‘Service orders.
————————————————– —————
When you distribute a large fashion, please do not forget to write the authors!
Have a good game!


18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin authors:
Chris aka Bayonet,
Corby (headache rack)
Envelope and start in ETS2:
Stas556, dmitry68
Author sounds: Kriechbaum
Adaptation for ATS : Stels


18 thoughts on “Kenworth W900a Fix

  1. is this to use with or without previous w900A mod?

  2. Without

  3. Truck Sim Mods

    Video review, Truck: Kenworth W900a

  4. Randy K Hudson

    I’m not seeing a SCS file, How do I copy it to the mod folder ?

    1. put zip file in mod folder should be good if not then hit extract files

    2. Unzip ths and then, select all files in the mod folder > right click > add to archive > .rar and copy the RAR file to the mod folder

  5. Good work.Very nice Truck. Love the interrior style. The Sound is also very close to a real W900!
    But please fix 2 Things ASAP:
    1.Fix the Turbo whistle.It sounds like a dentist driller.( Or give me a tip how to do it by myself)
    2.The rear view of the Sleeper cabin is broken!
    The rest looks good so far

  6. 4 All: You can always put a WinRar or a 7Zip file in your Mod folder.The Game can read it without problems. (a SCS file is nothing more then a compressed Archive)

    1. I feel you have been misinformed. An SCS archive is a “stored” (non-compressed) archive, if you open one with 7-zip & view the compression method it will read, stored (or deflate).

      You are also misinformed about the game reading compressed archives, a compressed archive will cause a red error in the game console. AFAIK it’s been this way from the start (by start I mean 18WoS: PTTM).

      @ Stels, thank you for the fix, hopefully a clean log :)

  7. can you makep differen stack pipes and the sleeper optional like this truck

  8. Randy K Hudson

    Thanks everyone for your help.

  9. hi I download this truck but the interior is not this in this video is black with wood. please help me I want the interior in the previous video

  10. Rockroffe

    uuummmm this mod makes the kenworth dealership disappear!!????? there is only peterbilt now.???

  11. Jake brake is not working, it also needs a shorter wheelbase version and a larger sleeper as well. Very good truck though, the sound is FANTASTIC!

    1. Oh almost forgot. Looking back from the rear window….there is no rear, it disappears.

  12. Rockroffe

    am i the only one that is having problems with the kenworth dealer disappearing when trying to use this mod??!???

    1. Scania_Fan

      I am also having same problem.
      and don’t know how to solve it
      please someone help.

  13. I absolutely love this truck! Especially with the Detroit Diesel. Very well put together 2 stroke diesel sound. Except when I get off the gas… Please, please please put a GOOD jake brake sound on it. Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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