Volvo VNL 670 v 1.3 by Aradeth

Volvo-VNL-670 Volvo-VNL-670-1 vlv

* You can find the truck in VOLVO Dealer. (San Francisco and Las Vegas)
* The truck is avaliable for quick jobs and it’s standalone.
* All of the skin templates are in the mod file(.scs file).
* You don’t need to sell your truck to use v1.3, just add the missing parts.
* If you have FPS problems, don’t use chrome parts much.


V1.3 (Mar 11)

– Added 3 more front bumper variations.
– Added a heavy duty bumper with bullbar(4 trim variations and with slots)
– Added 4 hood statues(Tiger, Eagle, Jet, Horn)
– Added 5th wheel covers(Chrome, Paint, Plastic)
– Added yellow tint to the headlight glass as an option.
– Added 3 sideskirt variant with big tanks(Chrome, painted trims, full paint)
– Added 3 new sunshields(Fits perfectly.)
– Added 3 new doorhandles(Paint, chrome, plastic)
– Added front grill variations(Paint, chrome, plastic)
– Mudflap Hangers have 3 variations. (Paint, chrome, plastic)
– Added 4 new HD mudflaps.
– Roof and side windows have variations now.(Glass, paint/skinnable, plastic)
– Added paint/skinnable variant for side and front trims.
– Added 3 more roof grills with more slots.(One of them with a new lightbox)
– Other sidelights, hand bars, Volvo logo under the doors and plastic things on the truck
are now removable and you can add them in 8 variations.
– Added Air intake grill variations(Paint, plastic, chrome)
– Added chrome headlight fender guard and side headlight trim as an accessory.
– Front grill logo is now selectable (No logo, modern logo, old logo)
– Added 3 material variations for front grill and added 2 custom-made grills(Skinnable, chrome, plastic)
– Added a headache rack.
– Added new double full fenders(Chrome, paint)
– Added a bright chrome variant of half fender.
– Cab aerokit/back cab spoiler has variations now(Chrome, paint, plastic, no spoiler)
– Added D16G750 engine(by several requests)
– Added a new interior variant(Unique)
– Interior cabin reworked completely(Both 3d meshes and textures)Seats, small windows, gear stick, pedals etc.
– External interior renewed completely and thank you to AlexeyP for his HD texture file(Reworked by me).
– Added 2 new sets of tail lights.
– You can go everywhere in the cabin with the new camera.
– Added low-beam indicator to the dashboard.
– Fixed wiper animation on external view!
– Weird shadow on the truckpaint are now gone!
– Fixed oil psi(Thanks to herrmant) and adblue revometer.
– Fixed missing parts and shinny paint on the quick job trucks.
– Volvo dealers added to the game. (Thanks to Solutech for pointing that out.)
– Truck skin template updated. (You can use your old skins without a problem.)
– Polygon count of the truck model reduced by 10% again, compared to v1.2.
– The interior cabin polygon count reduced by 50% compared to v1.2
(That means it has almost equal polygon count as vanilla trucks.)
– Fixed visible flares when you selected other sunshields.
– All of the mirrors fixed, you can adjust them properly now.

Authors: Aradeth, Martinezio, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Big Bob, AlexeyP, ohaha, Nado, Kriechbaum, SCS


100 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 v 1.3 by Aradeth

  1. Hi Aradeth great looking mod/truck and a pleasure to use….1 thing and it could be me but the digital MPh stays on 0mph when moving ….the clocks work fine just that little bit :) thanks though……

    1. My bad :) thats the cruise control mph ………just pretend i never asked lol :)

  2. Shavedpanda

    cool and thank you

    1. You’re welcome :)

      1. Joshua Peterson

        Do you think you can create the Duel Peterbilt 281 from Spielberg’s Duel from 1971? Here is the photo link:

  3. Not complaining or dis-ing, just saying that the third screen shot is in a Peterbilt cab.

    Thank you for all your time on this mod!


  4. I didn’t uploaded the 3rd pic with Peterbilt interior :)
    So it doesn’t belong to that mod.

    For more screenshots go to :

    For more information go to:

    1. hey I love your mod but a few problems the chassis is too short I can pull a refer with it take out the boucing sleeper its too much and some of the lights looks like its not working

      1. You can use all of the vanilla trailers and other mod trailers that are made by some talented modders wihout a problem. The chassis is the same as irl.

  5. Thanks so much for yet again another great VNL mod! This is the best as of now.

    The only thing troubles me is the very bright dashboard light. Is there a way to fix that? Anyone else having this problem? I remember in ETS2 we had an option to reduce dashboard backlight in the cabin, but I can’t find that option within ATS graphics/settings.

    1. You can do that in the truck setup menu (F4 button)

      1. Thanks so much dude!! You saved me :D

  6. Great thanks.Will be great if you create some 880 !

  7. Just the addition of a dealership is commendable

    1. I’m sorry for you!

  8. Shrapnle90

    Could you perhaps make it so it has 3 different cabins? I am craving a Volvo Daycab like something crazy.

    1. There’s no plan for other cabs for now. I’m planning to wait for SCS’s VNL.

  9. Mod looks great!

    How do I add the missing parts so that I don’t have to sell my v1.2? There are a lot of parts.

    1. You will add your missing parts in the truck workshop where you modify your truck in the game. For example when you switch from v1.2 to v1.3 you will lose mudflaps and mudflap hangers. So you just need to click those white circles in the workshop to add those missing parts.

  10. Humpfester

    * You can find the truck in VOLVO Dealer. (San Francisco and Las Vegas) ?

    1. I would also ask:
      Where is Volvo dealer?

      1. You first need to discover the dealers in San Francisco and Las Vegas.
        Volvo dealers was hidden in the game for future updates. I just unlocked them. Thanks to Solutech :)

  11. Guys why is that so hard to understand? Read the fckn description first! There are 2 hidden Volvo dealers in the game. San Francisco and Las Vegas. Just go there and see before you post your retarded comments!!!

  12. oustanding work , thats one bad ### mod

    1. Thanks, have fun :)

  13. Now that’s what I call an update list…

    1. Thanks :) More will come…

  14. TeddyBear

    anyone ellse getting texture error on windscreen wipers?

    1. Nope, textures and animations of the wipers both interior and exterior are working properly. Please don’t forget to deactivate the old version of the mod and try the mod on a clean profile without any other mod activated. This’ll give you a better idea what’s wrong or not ;)

  15. Wow this is awesome. Thank you so much for updating this model and for actually listening to feedbacks. This is easily the best truck in game right now, including vanilla models (considering tuning options, which are basically non-existent with original trucks).

    1. Thanks :) It’ll get better with your feedbacks.

  16. Much Thanks Aradeth. It is a pleasure to make skins for your truck. I will be soon driving the VNL and look forward to comparing them.

    Is the skin templates the same so far?

    1. Thank you to your awesome skins. Yes, base skin template is the same. I just added new parts to free spaces of the template. You can use old skins without a problem.

  17. Yes, one of my favorite truck mod… Thank you adarath for this wonderful master piece i am a great fan of your work, now that we have volvo delars i’m thinking you will do more volvo trucks! *fingers crossed*

    1. Thanks :) This one is already very time-consuming for me. It still needs a lot of work. So i wsih to do but i don’t think i can work on another Volvo in near future.

  18. Maddog320

    Aradeth, I just want to say thank you, this is one of the best trucks I have driven in this game. Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. Thank you :)

  19. Harald-RS

    Hi Aradeth,

    have I a question to you when the version comes out for ETS2?

    Fault and it is a smaller one for me the Volvo doesn’t stand fallen open with any dealer.

    What can this be this one to?

    1. You need to discover the dealers first.
      And ETS2 version will be released when it’s ready.

  20. i would love to see a future update where the ‘turbo whistle’ isnt so much , its just a personal thing and not a criticsm , and maybe other engines are different as i have driven the vehicle just once in a quick job , but i have a few truck mods now and i dont use them because of ‘excess’ whistle , like i said , its just a personal thing , but would like to hear the rumble of the engine more than the whistle . but this mod is by far the best i have seen . the time and effort you put into it is truly appreciated . would love to see a CAT skin done for this bad boy to :)

    1. All of the awesome sounds belongs to Kriechbaum. So, i’ll not change them.

      But you can ask Kriechbaum OR there are D13 and D16 stock engines with stock more silent sounds. You can try them out too :)

  21. Thank you for this truck adareth. Is there a way i could mask the light of new blue, red, orange becons from falling inside the cab ? When the light comes inside it’s very hard for the eyes…

    1. You can edit the releated flare def files. Just lower the angle parameter.

  22. The Clumsy Geek

    Awesome mod man! Love it! Only thing missing for me are indicators for jake brake and retarder. Or are they in there somewhere already? A digital speedometer is nice to have as well, but not essential since the dial is very easy to see anyway.

    1. I’m not good at animations for now. I need to figure it out how to add those first :)

  23. Thank You and all the co-authors so much for this huge and really great masterpiece work !!!

    1. Thanks :)

  24. solaris36

    Aradeth, on chassis with lift axles the wheels cross the long fenders. U can create an “conflict with…” order in fenders accessories sii files to prevent the parts interference. It’s only an esthetic issue, really not a problem.
    Good work!! :-)

    1. Thanks mate. I already moved those fenders a little upward. They will look ok with taglifts in the next version. This def editings is just to boring and that’s why i forgot to add these “conflict” parameters :)

  25. Congratulations, Aradeth, so far the best mode for the ETS, even better than the original modes SCS. This is beyond my expectations. Super mode. Thus I was impressed only Ohaha with FH 2013 in ETS2. If only did this update for VNL 880 that would complete the game until the end, because while SCS do their own version of VNL, which will be probably a copy of your model, it will take at least half a year, because they are busy with DLC Arizona. Once again super mod and thank you for the effort you’ve invested.

    1. Thank you :) There is no plan for 880, because of lack of time.

  26. Congratulations, Aradeth, so far the best mode for the ATS, even better than the original modes SCS. This is beyond my expectations. Super mode. Thus I was impressed only Ohaha with FH 2013 in ETS2. If only did this update for VNL 880 that would complete the game until the end, because while SCS do their own version of VNL, which will be probably a copy of your model, it will take at least half a year, because they are busy with DLC Arizona. Once again super mod and thank you for the effort you’ve invested. I apologize for the typographical errors.

  27. scania_dragon

    can’t found this truck on any dealer. Request help please!

    1. You need to discover the Volvo dealers in San Francisco or Las Vegas first.
      Go to red spanner icon in these cities. You will see Volvo buildings.
      Then buy the truck.

      1. teresa morgan

        looked for over an hr no hidden volvo dealer

        1. :) Go to the red spanner icon in these 2 cities. Look at your minimap.

  28. Egor55533

    Author, please finish the front optics! She’s sort of not clear. And so, the truck is very awesome !

  29. The author, thanks for a great truck! Will finish the front optics, namely the Parking lights?

    1. Thanks. I’ll do :)

  30. Still crashing the game when in customization screen.

    1. Try to run the game on DirectX.

      1. You’re awesome my dude, this truck is off the charts awesome!!! I was having the crashing issue running direct X fixed the issue!!! Thanks for your time and skillz making mods!

      2. Can’t run the game with DirectX, running on Linux.

    2. You can change the settings to launch direct X in the ATS steam options right click on the game you’ll see the option if you didn’t know where the settings was. Took me a few to figure that out.

  31. Hi,

    as I put (left and right) blinkers in the back of the cabin they are orange. But should’t they are in red? Is there a possibility to change that?

    An astonishing model with tons of options, great work!

    1. Thanks.

      Because the ones you mentioned are from EU trucks. But there are 3 different sets of taillights with red blinkers in the mod. Just use one of them :)

      1. hehe, then I must figure it out, which point I must click to get the other ones :D

      2. Hm, I meant cablights, not the tail lights ;)
        The ones, which you can set behind the cabin.

  32. hi Aradeth it is a very nice mod you did but switsh not working I like to see a light on the switch for example I do not know if the axle is up or not I love having more indicator on the dashboard

    1. It needs PMA file editing that i’m not good at. Maybe in the future i can add those missing indicators, but maybe :)

  33. Hey man This is a great truck, and I use many of your mods already..nice work…I would love to see another PETE 389 or 379, that doesn’t kill FPS… is that something you might consider?, Vipers is real nice…especially the tuning options and I found a great tribute to Dale Earnhardt SR. skin I use, but I can run 60 fps in vanilla truck and only 30 FPS in that mod…can one like Vipers be as good without the hit in FPS? any would love to see you do one of those trucks.

    1. The mod you mentioned is a piece of art :) That’s why it’s killing the framerate.
      You can comment on that on the official forum on Viper2’s topic.

      But i’ll stick with Volvos for a long time :)

      1. Thanks for responding ! Appreciate the the do great work…so I had to ask. I am A Peterbilt Fan thru and thru..its what my family owns and drives. Hopefully SCS will add the 389 soon! Take care and keep up the awesome work.

  34. mikamikey1980

    Aradeth hello, you did a great job with this VNL (you and your team), my question is: can we do the same skin itself on american truck simulator for my part I use ETS2 studio, I tried introducing myself a template but the game does not take into account, I even tried ZModeler 3 and blender but in my opinion it is necessary the activation key because I know not import anything, if I tell the idea of skin that I had in mind, I may well see my idea published, these few words, I expect your next mod forward, mika

  35. Mildred Ratched

    Very nice!

  36. mickeyd33

    i like some brutal engine sounds for the 750 horse engine.. (maybe like the scania open exhaust mod in ETS2? ) if anybody is willing to make that, even if it is unreal (because it’s a volvo) i will be very pleased!
    i also would like a flat black paint job with no chrome whatsoever on the volvo (for the peeps with low fps graphics)
    thanks for building this awsome rig!
    Greetings, MickeyD33

  37. mickeyd33

    this is the “open exhaust” sound i am looking for:

  38. Congratulations, Aradeth, This mod is fantatic!! amazing!!
    You intend in the future make updates in dashboard?? Look this the panel in 6.05 min.

    ….I loveled if you included this panel in you mod in the future!!!

  39. By far the best VNL mod I’ve seen to date. I like all of the customization as well. N ice work aradeth.

  40. Due, I have a request. Can you tell me do you have a mode of ETS 2, or recommend,
    of any other similar mode this your vnl Volvo. I have attached mode VNL 670 1.25, or his wipers do not clean windshild. You can imagine the passion when you’re driving, a heavy rain strikes. Please help me.

  41. Aradeth,

    First, congratz for the great work you did on this mod and are considering on publishing this mod on Steam Workshop?

    I’ve seen many little mos there but nothing like trucks, maps and trailers… will you start working with steam workshop?

    Ty again.

  42. Best Volvo around by far! Excellent work! In the few updates, could you add a day cab option and short frame for the day cab?

  43. I love this truck! Though, when I choose some light options, it crashes the game. (Rear tail lights and side lights) Also, could you add a day cab and short frame option soon?

  44. Update for ATS 1.2 uodate?

  45. Renaldo1998

    when i put 5 lights or more my game crashes, can you fix that?

  46. Hello,

    Your Volvo is beautiful but there’s a back office when trying to put suplementaires lights on the roof.

    I’m on the latest version of


  47. bonjour et merçi pour ton superbe travail!!la françe te remerçie =)

  48. Hi!!! Do the Truck as in “MAD MAX Road Fury” Shall is much thanked!!! :)

  49. Aradeth i have this ( f:\build_bot\ssd_win_slave\final_build_ats_12_windows_bin_steam_x64\build\prism\src\p3core\collections/arrays/arrays_base_impl.h(491): ??A?$array_t@M@prism@@QEAAAEAM_K@Z: Index outside array boundaries.) Error in ATS1.2 with all accessorie mods and the mod’s accessories it just crashes everytime I add more than 10 parts.
    Could you fix that for the new update?

  50. Does anyone else have an issue where the chrome parts are just a shiny black, not silver chrome? If not, what might be causing this to happen?

  51. Fantastic work with this beautiful volvo truck, I have never seen a mod so good for ATS so far and love to drive this truck, There is a one slight issues with the mod, the sun visors will not show in cab view and because they don’t show the sun is blinding me when I drive at sunset or sunrise, I hope this issue can be fixed and that the mod will work with the new wheels on the Open Beta as the game will crash if I try to load it in that update also could you just have the Volvo engines in the mod and put the extra ones for people that use them in a separate file, I prefer the Volvo Engines because they have a nice authentic feel to them, Thanks very much and can’t wait for the update if you do one.

  52. cant attach on utility 3000r tri axle mod and great dane spread axle trailer mod, cant turn with these trailer because trailer are not enought far, but the truck is awesome, great sound, so cool to drive

  53. Great model! Tons of customization, good sounds, and it seems like everything works. I did a video of the customization part, with a quick drive at the end to see how it sounds.

  54. GREAT MOD…….but game always crash when i try to ad some lights (front, side, back….whatever)….so i want to ask you ARADETH…
    are you planing some update for this track ??……

    To fix the problems,
    To ad some new stuff like maybe real dashbord, another gps or other place for this,
    To ad some plates in front window or something like this

    Other than that it’s awesome work and thank you for that :-)

  55. I seem to have an issue with some trailer mods that causes damage during some turns. Not sure if its truck or trailer. Anyone have this issue?

  56. Man, I really love this truck. Now, I can’t wait until (if ever) SCS adds the truck to the game so I can drive it in multiplayer. However, I won’t be surprised if this is superior to their version

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