ETS2 Truks Pack

ETS2-Truks-Pack-1 ETS2-Truks-Pack-2

DAF XF 105
Iveco Stralis
Iveco Stralis Hi-Way
Mercedes-Benz Acsros
Mercedes-Benz 2014 Acsros
Renault Magnum
Renault Premium
Scania R
Scania Streamline
Volvo FH
Volvo FH16
Due to the large of number of trucks and small game cards, all the tracks are registered in the same cabin – “Eurotrucks” in the city of Bakersfield.

– Works full tuning except DLC
– Divide all the tires and wheels of the two games.
– Trucks are not spelled out clearly in the traffic and orders (to preserve the atmosphere, just buy for personal use).
– For added lorries registered US checkpoint.
– DLC TOYS are not spelled out (do not start them in ATS)..
– Skins of DLC only – Fantasy, Russia and the Vikings.
– Inside, there is the added dealer visual distortion of the background investigation is a non-standard registration mark.

Author: Penneker

DOWNLOAD 289 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 289 MB [Uploadfiles]

55 thoughts on “ETS2 Truks Pack

  1. just play euro truck simulator

  2. Could you also make a American Trucks Pack of all the most popular modded trucks so far put into one pack? I currently use Truck Pack 1.5 and im a bit scared if the creator of that mod has abandoned his project due there being NO sign of 1.6 or 2.0 for about a month now.

    1. DumbTruckaz

      Why bother on downloading that stolen, outdated full of #### pack? Download them apart instead of promoting its “””work”””, which consists on only packing them in a Rar and thinking he does something useful.

      He is waiting to find new truck mods to stole and publish like he made it.

  3. Didn’t know it was this easy…

    \Copy and paste! There we go! I invented something new! Euro Truck simulator in American Truck simulator, im genius!\


  4. Filip Kmoch

    It’s on the patch 1.2?

  5. para que coño hacen esto, no se supone que ya existe euro truck?

    1. Learn to speak english ####

      1. sarah1224

        MrChispa …. Trump supporter?? lol …

      2. Author of this #### wrote “Truks” so…

        1. sarah1224

          … so you never misspelled? gezzzzz ….

  6. takes the fun out of ats why put ets2 trucks in ats when ets2 is out worthless mod

  7. Oh…What is wrong with You man? Just buy ETS2 and go on.

    1. Just shut up plz !!!

  8. Finally. Thank you :)

  9. Hi….wow nice and great job.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Can you make American Trucks Pack For ETS 2???
    Have a nice day!!!

  10. sarah1224

    to el chapo, don and Thombike …. did you guys enjoyed playing with American trucks in ETS when was ATS still in making??? Why you than don’t like to see people playing with European trucks in ATS???? If you don’t like the mod simply don’t download it. Gezzzzz cry babies …..

    Thank you Penneker for this mod.

  11. not work please report the mod

  12. please its american simulator not euro truck

    1. sarah1224

      we could also said ….. please it’s Euro simulator not American …. when you played with American trucks in ETS2. Just another cry baby …. are you 8 years old or something????? This kind a comments really pissed me of gezzz … if you don’t like it simply don’t download it.

      1. Thatoneguy

        Well, back when ATS didn’t exist ETS 2 was the only trucking game and so people brought american trucks into it. Also, it is common to see American trucks in Europe but have never seen euro trucks in America. Now that there are 2 different games many people don’t see why people bring euro trucks into America.

        1. To silly people say two words is not enough :)

          1. sarah1224

            Ar You a advocate of Penneker? You know, in my country people says – true virtue critic is not afraid. Maybe just…shut up?

            True … if there is something to criticising …. so i guess you are the one who should shut up your childish mouth cry baby.

        2. sarah1224

          lol wrong again … use uncle Google … there’s quite some euro trucks in America too also I don’t see why people shouldn’t play with euro trucks in ATS if they want to, why those nasty comments. After all this is a game not a real life and a game meant to be fun for all not just for a few cry babies. As i said it before if you don’t like the mod don’t download it and problem solved.

          1. Ar You a advocate of Penneker? You know, in my country people says – true virtue critic is not afraid. Maybe just…shut up?

        3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an american truck in the UK.

  13. Shuts down my game, doesn’t work for me!!

    1. work for me complete

  14. It is the best ATS mod! Thank you!!! ;) :)

    1. khahesh mikonam #### khudam

  15. does this include mod sounds or just the original ets sounds?

    1. original ets sounds

  16. RegularJohn53

    Must be a great mod if the uploader doesn’t eve know how spell “trucks” properly. I bet he’s a friend of that Megatruck muppet.

    1. don’t you mean his friend’s guest who can’t spell now.Lol

      1. RegularJohn53


  17. Felix Borstelmann

    are the trucks in the ” fast jobs ” options. also wenn i doent buy them

  18. Guys chill out :) the up-loader has clearly uploaded this mod for those gamers who feel the need to play with ETS2 trucks in ATS its not for me so i wont download it its no big deal but the options available… others have said this is ATS and indeed it is and we have to accept at times there will be ETS conversions uploaded onto this site just as there where US mods uploaded into ETS…i know where the dedicated ATS guys are coming from and to a part i agree with them,but after all its a mod its not part of the main game so ignore the mod if it dose not appeal to you there really is no need to bash the up-loader to submission :) …..happy truckin…y’all

    1. sarah1224

      Smart words after all that’s what i’m saying …. it’s a game not a real life and everyone should have fun playing it.

  19. Irritated

    why is downloading on this site such a hassle that you HAVE to post a comment?

  20. to sarah1224, i didnt play with american truck in ETS2 because i dont like ETS2 , i just waited for the realease of ATS to play with american truck in america…

  21. sarah1224

    Lol sure you didn’t ….. at first you didn’t even knew there will be an ATS game and second it took wayyyyy to long that ATS was finally released …. and you will tell me that you have waited from September 2013 (the first announcement of American truck simulator) till February 2, 2016 and not played ETS2 or played ETS2 with American trucks??? Just stop lying man, anyway i have enough of this stupidity and i believe many others too so i will not answer any more on your provocations. Bye

  22. doesn’t work, i have 1.1.1 version of the game. Pasted the file in the “mod” folder. how to fix this?

  23. This mod does not work under the 1.23 public beta. Installed it corretly, game finds the mod, i activate it, and no trucks at the dealer in Bakersfield.

    So, care to update the mod, so it actually works??

  24. CARE TO UPDATE….???????????

  25. GoBackToAferka

    Probably the dumbest ####### mod to see the day on ATS. Go play ETS2 FFS; the hell is the matter with your European dumbasses asking for mods when you have a complete game ?

    1. You also had american truck mods on ETS2, so shut the. Does it hurt your little brain, if somebody enjoys driving their european scania in the US? It makes more sense for european trucks to be in the US, than US trucks to be in Europe. I’ve never ever have seen an american truck in Europe.

  26. This American Truck Simulator not a ETS

  27. Engine available for this trucks?

  28. I can not find the trucks, can u be more specific about the location?

  29. It crashes when i press on the customize button HELP!!

  30. че вы тут балагна устроили в европе петербилты или же фреды не ездят? или в авмерике другие люди живут и обязательно нажо ездить на кенвортах?

  31. а еще при тюнинге вылитает

  32. actulizarlo a la version 1.6, por favor…!!!!

  33. Ali Rahmani

    Hi dear Penneker
    would you please update the “ETS2 TRUCK PACK”for ATS2 version1.39?
    have a nice time

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