Freightliner Century Update v 4.0


Optimization and Support under ATS
Update issued in two files for each game!
The update corrected previously found shoals.
Reconfigure mats.
The work on the interior.
Reworked the entire shadow.
For ETS2 added Sabins Cabin Accessories DLC support.
Spend the same optimization on the model for more FPS. More details smoothed.
Find by Peterbilt

Author: VINZEL

DOWNLOAD 130 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 130 MB [Uploadfiles]

24 thoughts on “Freightliner Century Update v 4.0

  1. It looks perfect! But what is the password? Why do you need a password?

  2. 1st issue : I can’t see inside the cab nothing. Camera is way too far and the only i can see is the back of the seat.

    2nd issue : Truck crasshes the game when selected.

    1. How can you see #1 when it crashes on selection? Could you spare a few words what happens when?

      1. 1.When selecting it on Peterbit place (when i want to customize the cabin, the camera is too far) i can’t see through the cabin.
        2.When i buy it and try to drive it, the game crashes.

  3. Since I’m not able to test it before next week, I’m just gonna ask here. Does the interior have the retarder and engine break indicators?

  4. VINZEL You have done a fine job on this truck! Thank you for taking the time to do so. It;s one of 2 of my favorite trucks. Thank you very much for this awesome work on this century class

  5. Good Job and thx for the truck but he change my profile pic witch russian truck company.Anyway truck its perfect for me.

  6. Lots of big words in the changelog. But full of bullsh.t at the end. Just a trash. Thank you for wasting my time!

  7. Ah, ok, thanks, will have to try it

  8. Trucker_Bob

    no sounds Realistic engine sounds? Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, Paccar engine sounds? hm.. I’m also wanted it to buy it as luxery, but yeah I download it Right know! Thanks! (it was positive critic)

  9. It wouldn’t be bad if the engine sounds were fixed. They sound terrible. Hopefully Kritchbaum comes out with an engine sound pack.

    1. i think it worth it i give it a go ;)

      1. snyderracing

        are you going to make sound mod?

  10. Is their a template provided for making skins?

  11. TRUCK Test HD: -1.3s
    + Trailers Pack MOD =

  12. There should be turn signals by the storage compartment. Or can you add those in manually?

  13. Very nice truck only thing that needs to be fixed is the view points for the rest great truck.

  14. can you plz add heaps of slots for lights and stuff on the next up date

  15. Password ? No password … No Party. :)
    I like to create my personal truck skin and a mod like this (password protected) is useless … Thanks anyway.

    1. I like to paint skins but with the p/w I can’t add them here, I see no point in a p/w, hopefully it’ll be gone in the next update, till then it’s a no-go for me…

  16. Hi!!! Do the Truck as in “MAD MAX Road Fury” Shall is much thanked!!! :)



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