Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v 1.2 by Aradeth

Volvo-VNL-670-1 Volvo-VNL-670-2 Volvo-VNL-670-3


*Half Fenders(Standart, Chrome and Skinnable/Paint)
*Side Mirrors(Chrome, Paint, Plastic)
*Main Mirrors(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
*Seperated left/right Bonnet Mirrors(3 types)
*Bug Shields(Chrome, Glass, Plastic/Skinnable)
*Headlights(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
*Windows Decals(Windshield and side windows)(Thanks to ohaha for the material)
*Bottomgrill and sidebar(Paint, Chrome, Without bar)
*Slots on rear bumper(4 variations, old reverse and combo lights added as an accessory)
*A roofgrill without the bar(25+ slots)
*Sideskirts(Long, short with tanks and with chrome stripes)
*Back cab slots
*Front Bumpers(With/without fog lights and plastic/chrome stripe)
*Front/Back Licence Plate Holders(Light/Nolight and WOT/Custom variants)

– Added 4 new standalone interior with reworked materials.
– The dashboard is real HD now, every tiny piece on the dashboard texture
– Added some missing indicators.
– Reflection of the dashboard glass reduced, thanks to Smarty.
– Dynafleet and tachometer buttons and screens have backlights now.

– Added new sounds of Volvo, Caterpillar, (even if the Volvo don’t have a Cat engine, the sound is nice), Paccar, and Cummins N14 by Kriechbaum.
– Edited gear boxes and engines with proper and realistics values and prices by Kriechbaum.
– Added new d13 and d16 engines with stock sounds from VNL780, thanks to Nado.
– Made the revometer accurate (rpms) by Kriechbaum, thanks.

– 3 new lowered chassis with proper collisions and shadows.
– Fixed overall collisions.
– Reworked front grill logo.
– All flares and lightmasks fixed/reworked.
– Added interior cabin light(Press “O”)
– Added VNL670 sidelight as an accessory, so you can use it on other slots.
– Added some more accessories from ohaha’s mods, thanks.
– Trailer hook point lowered a bit, again.
– Proper workshop icons(Thanks to ETS2Studio) and interior views of accessories.
– A lot of mesh, texture, def fixed.
– Reworked templates.

Please do not reupload the mod. Thank you.

Authors: Aradeth, Martinezio, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, Big Bob, ohaha,Nado, Kriechbaum


40 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v 1.2 by Aradeth

  1. Rubber Duck

    Thank you soooooooooo much i was looking for the volvo vnl since the release of the game but didn’t found a mod like yours, thanks again Working perfect 10/10.

  2. Video Test review HD:

    Tested on Steam version.

    1. Lol, something wrong with this video.
      Before you update to that version remove the old one first.

      Then make the video again.

  3. Justadude

    Top notch work mate, absolutely awesome truck/accessories/sounds. Keep up the good work:)

  4. scania_dragon

    not all positions of accessories (look to the lits at backside and bumper) really well done. Don’t you’ve tested the truck before releasing ?

    1. volvo_master

      Lights fit perfectly to everywhere for me.
      I think something only wrong with you.

  5. Bl@ckWolf

    Video : Ats Mods: Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v 1.2 by Aradeth (American Truck Simulator)

  6. incredibly nice mod , really appreciate the work it takes . ty

  7. Where did you get the stock engines from?

  8. Eagle_Eye

    This is a really great version, awesome work, and thanks.


  9. because we can not see the living room of the truck?

    1. Press alt+F4 in the cabin, you will go to your living room immediately ;)

  10. Osman f@ck you.

    1. Lol, i’ve already f@cked you genius ;)

  11. ManagerialType

    I’m sitting here at a departmental planning meeting, discussion hiring and training strategy for 2500 employees globally… and the only thing i can think of is getting home and try this baby out. Love the V1.1.


    1. You’re fired!!! Now we need 2501 employees.

      1. ####### A


  12. ### this is a awesome Volvo can wee have some more skins for it



  14. Hi. The VNL is really a nice mod.
    But I’m also looking for a Peterbilt 587. Based on real spec form Peterbilt and noy e rebuilt 387 as I have found so fare. A 587 with Paccard MX13 and Cummins ISX15 engines, and a dachboard more like 579 ( actually prefered is like in Spec.)

  15. Again another messy Volvo mod.Lights are missing,chrome is missing, the dashboard is a mess,the chassis is as bad as it was.

    You guys are all working on Volvo trucks and you’re not really doing anything, they’re always broken and bugged. Stop wasting your time with these and make some other truck.

    There are much better truck mods for ETS2 that can be ported in ATS without many problems,and you keep toying with Volvos…

    1. Hey you poor guy, every tiny piece on the truck is working. It’s an awesome truck.
      Go and learn how to install a simple mod.

      I’m really sad about children like you. Grow up!

    2. You do realize that there are a heck of a lot of Volvos running around the US. A lot of companies run them.

  16. Really nice truck and a pleasure to drive. There’s one problem I’ve noticed: if you choose this truck for a quick job, there will be missing parts: bumper, exhausts, rear lamps. (Also, as mentioned before, it would be nice to be able to see the sleeper cabin)

  17. Amazing Truck. Really amazing and my primary truck, love the Cummins engine roar. Is there a plan to make the dashboard indicators work for things like needing service, Jake Brake, etc. There’s a whole slew of dash indicators that come on when you start the truck that you no longer see afterwards.

  18. Eagle_One_69

    Love this truck and everything seems to work fine, but noticed that when the beacon light is on it doesn’t show on the landscape in fpv? Other than that I’m really impressed, Thanks and good work.

  19. Like the truck but why does every Volvo I get have to be so shiny? I have a black truck but it looks white in the daylight.

  20. holzfreak

    I really love this truck. It’s a great work and it’s my primary truck. But I have trouble in vers.
    If I try to repaint the truck or add additional lightnings on it the game crashes immediately. Is there somebody who had a similar problem?

  21. olescania

    First let me say that this looks like a great and welldone mod. Have been looking for a Volvo VNL670 mod for ETS-2 and now ATS since I first started playing. This is my favorite truck, for real, spent 8 yrs behind the steering wheel of one of these truck running all over N.A.. Wouldn’t want to drive anything else…well maybe a Western Star, hard choice that one. I just wish someone would make a mode without that Handrail behind the doors, don’t recall seeing a single VNL so equiped, wouldn’t want one, ruins the clean lines and aestethics of a nice design plus I simply don’t want anyone outside the truck to have anything to grab onto to, to enable them to balance on the steps out there! Drivers have enough hazards to deal with, don’t need to make it easier for someone to try hijacking your rig and load. (Happens far to often around places like NYC, NJ, south Chicago n’ east LA.)

  22. Passenger side hood mirror doesn’t work on inside view. It’s just black with no reflection.

  23. Great truck, only a couple of things to comment on, firstly the right bonnet mirror dosent work when looking straight forward. The image in it just freezes which kinda ruins the point of having it there.

    Secondly, if possibly can i sugest some indicators in a possible next version? Like engine break and retarder indicators in the dash?

    Othen that that, great mod!

  24. ####### A

    When I activate this mod it turns brown the default rims, for AI traffic as well.

    Any suggestions?

  25. This truck crashes ATS alot. It took me 3 times trying to buy it, when I had it fully customized and click confirm order it would crash. I finally just added minimal add on and it worked! Now every time I go to add customizations and click confirm it crashes. Also when I click exit it crashes. I love this truck, awesome job on making it thanks! Is there anything I can do to help you identify the crashing issue? After reading the other comments I see only one other person said his crashed.

  26. Damien since your such an expert, would you have an idia about understanding which mod is culprable when the game ctd’s?
    I knoow one or more mods are causing the problem, but how do I find out which one?
    (a mod to test other mods would be a great mod in itself, I have qulite alot activated but I believe only 1 is causing the CTD’s …the question is which one?

  27. Is there any way to add the jake brake indicator light? This is the only things that bugs me to no end.

  28. como meter el volvo en america truck simulator

  29. it+crashes+when+i+use+6×4+long

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