Kenworth T2000 ATS Sn4k3r Edit


Kenworth T2000 converted to ATS.

Information for Version 1.0:

– Adaptation ATS.
– Standalone model.
– 6×4 chassis.
– 1 cabin.
– 2 Differents sideskirts.
– 5 Differents Cummins engine.
– 4 Differents transmissions.
– Various accessories.
– Own sound and own interior.
– You buy in dealer kenworth.
– Def updated.

Sn4k3r, DB3, Panther (Original Model), Kriechbaum, mjtemdark edition.


10 thoughts on “Kenworth T2000 ATS Sn4k3r Edit

  1. Been waiting for one of these

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Video : ATS Mods: Kenworth T2000 ATS Sn4k3r Edit (American Truck Simulator)

  3. Great mod!!!
    But has some areas for improvement, such as mobile wipers in the exterior and the height of the interior camera (ok, I know we can adjust it in the game, but the default setting is very high) and the logo on the steering wheel.

    1. And yes the shadow needs work to otherwise it’s a very nice truck

  4. Trucker_bob

    aight thanks! its from 18 WOS Haulin! GREAT!

  5. Kenworth T2000 Edit
    Video Test review HD Steam version:
    + Trailers mod-skins pack.

  6. Trucker_bob

    please add more options for upgrades.

  7. ХЕРНЯ!

  8. Bug report: There’s a large black rectangle surrounding the whole bottom of the truck, please fix!!

  9. Any thought as to updating this with more options?

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