Freightliner Classic XL Update


– Fixed a gloss on Cabin
– Fixed dasboard
– Other small fix
– Standalone
– Dealer Kenworth
– Interior
– Wheels
– Tuning
– Sounds

Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, odd_fellow, SCS Software, update – vitalik062

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DOWNLOAD 165 MB [Uploadfiles]

13 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL Update

  1. Truck Sim Mods Presents:
    Freightliner Classic XL Update
    Video Test Review:

    Tested on Steam version.

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS Mods: Freightliner Classic XL Update (American Truck Simulator)

  3. Hello and thanks for this awesome truck :D

    I LOVE it ^_^
    i’m driving it right now with 47650 miles on the dashboard ! No need to tell that its my favorite for various reasons. Il talk about one of the main reason i love this truck later on this text.

    This update is great and thank you, but i have one huge request about this truck. I would do it myself and release an reworked interior edition crediting you guys but i’m still trying hard to figure out how to do this super simple thing.

    I noticed the turbo/air Compressor indicator, at left of the tachometer, wich act as in real life, more you press the gaz pedal, more air will be passing through the turbo itself and the sensor will tell the gauge inside the truck to move to the proper position. It works flawlessly in game with the turbo :) And i’m super gratefull, i love it because with an remote controller i have a visual of how the throttle is being handle by the game. This simple thing makes me prefer the classic XL over the P-389.

    On the other side, my question or my favor, can you guys add the same thing for the air brake sensor controller please ? first gauge right next to the speedometer is a static gauge in game, it raise to the middle and thats it. With some vanilla truck those gauges works from the base game. More you press the brake, more air will be injected in the brake line raising that gauge inside the cab. As a way to also tell for people wich have a remote controller, how much brake is applied visually. The exact same thing as the already working air turbo gauge.

    So my favor : Please, can you unstatic the air brake gauge (left to the total air pressure gauge) that should move but dont ?
    And to the community, maybe some here can help me figure out and ill do it myself :) It is really bothering me, and i know its not that important for most, but it add immersion for me.

    Huge thanks again for this awesome mods :) One of my favorite.

  4. Don’t ask me why but with this activated my game crashes when I’m trying to change something on my Kenworth W900 in the Tuning Service … :( … and it’s really a pity for me ’cause in ETS2 I really enjoyed so much with this/your truck.
    Thanks anyway … a great work.

  5. How many Kenworth dealers are there, i cant find the truck.

    1. nevermind, i figured out there was a file in a folder.

  6. CTD when trying to customize

  7. Beautiful truck, nice attention to detail. Really like the boost gauge and gear indicator.
    Not that many customization options, only one chassis version, and while the engines sound great the truck still struggles to reach 70+mph with 20 tonne loads, even with the 600hp Cummins ISX. I think it’s mostly because of the weird gear ratios on the 18 speed Eaton gearbox. At 80mph I had an average of 1900 rpms in 18th gear, which resulted in awful fuel-consumption (10,4L/10mi).
    Looks and sounds great, but could definitely use an update on the gearbox, and perhaps some more configurations in the workshop.

  8. Trucker_bob

    there are missing engines: DETROIT 14L 515 HP DIESEL Detroit, Engine Type: S60 14 L 575 hp (429 kW) and torque increased to 1,850 pound force-feet (2,510 Nm). Detroit: Engine Type Series 60 14.0L 470 HP. Detroit: Engine Type SERIES 60 , 700HP Detroit: Engine Type 14L, 490HP Detroit: Engine Type 60 Series 14 L, 550HP, 6/10 freightliners using the Detroit engine.

    Mercedes : Engine Type MBE4000, 435 HP. I hope it will be in the next patch

  9. can someone update the truck for 1.2?

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