Volvo VNL 660 v2.3


– Standalone
– Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Tuning
– Painting
– Metallic

v2.3 Update :
Added Missing files for dashboard
Added missing icones
New Mod Manager Picture
Log is now error free !

Tested in

Panther, Tema-Cezar, alex.brody99, Karma, guidot, Big_Bob, Matgamer


12 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 660 v2.3

  1. The truck is too shine,how can i fix it?

  2. Truck Sim Mods

    Video & Mods & ATS+

  3. The line-up of people having re-worked this mod is impressive but not the results
    What I see first is inaccurate rear chassis shape , bad trailer hooking (node) and no specific sound.Only an avatar of the VNL 670 which has the same issues.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. This truck gets updated more than any other, yet it’s still as bad as it was.

    2. mike_stralis

      Cleaning errors doesn’t mean that’s an a update.
      This truck is a complete mess and it’s like from year 2000.

      Also this truck never got a real update. It was a really bad mod, still it’s a really bad mod.

      Modeling and modding are whole different things. If this guy don’t know how implement a model to the game. Then it’s just a waste of time.

      VNL670 is the best out of all VNL’s for ATS. It’s not perfect of course but compared to those sh.its it’s very good. Also VNL670’s model is belongs to big bob afaik. But it’s somehow better.

  4. Faelandaea

    That’s because people just randomly re-upload the thing knowing it is a sought after truck, and all they want is to make a quick buck off their download sites. It’s people like this that are why I refuse to upload my own mods – because I know someone will come along, jack it all up and try to re-upload it to scam people.

  5. I’m still waiting for someone to fix the #### Cascadia or Century or the FLD120 and all i see is freakin Volvo’s….

    1. Hey you girl, Volvos only real trucks in the world. Save your old year 1950 technology #### American trucks for yourself.

      And shut up or i’ll sleep with your mother in front of you. Oh yes again. Last time you were just crying.

  6. Sorry, was a truck I wanted to see in game, but when you get all the complaints like this mess, doesn’t make me want to “help out.”

    Enjoy the three same trucks over and over then.

    1. dude! this truck is awesome! nice detailed interior! real classic volvo, my dad used to have the european version of this truck, a volvo FH12 from ’97 almost the same interior! :) i would like to see this truck with an american styled parking brake and some mudflaps, then it will be perfect! f*ck all the haters complaining about this truck i understand you get less motivated to update the truck but there are fans like me out there that love this truck! i hope you still feel like updating the truck after all this. thanks to you and everybody else who worked on this truck for bringing it into the game for us! :) Greetings from Holland

  7. DarkKnight0102

    It just crashes the game everytime. If you make it better i will download it.

  8. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Would somebody update this mod for version 1.6?

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