Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 1.4

Ford-F150-SVT-Raptor-1 Ford-F150-SVT-Raptor-2

Mod converted from ETS2

Original authors made this mod for ETS2 so i make it compatible with ATS.

– Standalone
– Find at Kenworth Dealer
– Tuning parts
– Tested ATS v1.1.1.3

Version 1.4:
* Corrected sound
* Corrected missing logo
* Corrected physic
* Corrected weight
* Corrected Tuning prices
* Corrected data and names
* Add unlock level
* Mirror now in Tuning options
* Minor improvements

Compressed with Winrar 5.10 so u need it to unrar.

Now the mod is locked because “Матроскiн” rip this conversion for ETS2.

Thx for all modders, SCS forum and Solutech to make this mod real.

Authors: Crazy Squirrel, FH, Elaman, Mahad110


25 thoughts on “Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 1.4

  1. Not correct video please remove it !!!

  2. It is necessary to increase the steadiness

    1. This is the last release.

      I’ve spent many time to make the mod better as possible, but each time many peoples said that i need to changes something.

      So no, i tested this mod few hours and its good.

      1. Please only fix the fuel tank. Its small and its impossible to drive

      2. Матроскін

        Ничего что я и есть изначальный автор мода, я вместе с Elaman его собирал, и весь тюнинг который появился в версии 2.1 весь мой, на данный момент Elaman в армии, поэтому я один остался кто этот мод обновлял для ETS2!

      3. Матроскін

        Весь тюнинг в этой версии мой, так что я имею право быть написан в авторах, для доказательства могу показать переписку с Elaman

  3. 984154645489

    what does it do when you pull a trailer

    1. never tried hooking it up to a trailer but I did give this truck to one of my companies A.I Drivers, and he has no problem making money pulling trailers with it… somehow lol! :)

  4. I was running this mod until this latest updated version. Now the Braking Sensitivity when I go back to driving a normal Truck is way way WAY too high, even when you turn braking intensity to minimum. Sorry, if you fix that, it’s a great mod.

  5. liltrainer546

    So, I can’t find any Kenworths only Peterbilt. Is this a problem with the mod?

  6. Really nice interior and exterior.Controls are normal but Fuel consumption is very exaggerated.Yes,this vehicle consumes a lot of fuel but you know.This is sooo much.And sound is not same on video.Shift very ineffective,It may be a little faster,mod vehicle top speed 150 km/h.

  7. When I’m launching game profile, game crashes.

  8. archive is broken :(

  9. RoadTrain

    May I ask what this would be used for? I presume it can’t pull a trailer. Not much use in a trucking game, IMO. Unless I’m missing the point?

  10. ABSOLUTLLY USELESS #### !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This car would be super for MAP USA OFFROAD, but cant drive for the reason of ridicules fuel consuption !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. With me, everything is all good except that the transmission is automatix, i tried to set up as sequential but it just automaticlly change back to automatic so can u try to add more option of the transmission, i knew u r upset of people u always tell u what to do but i just want to say about the transmission issue and i hope u would fix it. By the way, the sound of the vehicle is very very good compare to the last v1.2

  12. Joshua Peterson

    Great mod!
    Can you make two truck mods?
    The Two are the Ford LN 8000 and the Ford CLT 9000.

  13. Would like to see this car able to deliver some goods or tow a trailer

  14. I dont have the rims anymore, did the maker remove them?

  15. Hi guys,

    The mod need a little update for v1.23.

    Just wait a moment.

    1. contact me! the author of this mod “Elaman”- [email protected]

  16. Darwin Urueña


  17. how do you download it what file do i put it in

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