Volvo FH16 2012 v 2.1 for 1.2 +

Volvo-FH16-2012-1 Volvo-FH16-2012-2 Volvo-FH16-2012-3

-2.0 by Pz_MoDs: Conversion to ATS from ETS2

-2.1 by Marcel1801: Fixed Problem with Truck being only available after Level 12. Now available at Level 1.

Truck located at Peterbuilt Dealer.

KNOWN BUGS: -Truck cab is a little bit glitchy in dealer. [Fix: Select Sleeper Cab in Customizer]
-Seat is not going back far. [Fix: WIP]

If you find other bugs which are not listed please report them to me Immediately!!

Authors: Pz_MoDs (for original mod), Marcel1801 (hotfix)


18 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2012 v 2.1 for 1.2 +

  1. renenate12

    i thought this was american simulator ,not ets2

    1. alanwolf1979

      We can’t have ets2 trucks in ats but it was ok to have american trucks in ets2? Sorry but I see no issue with mods such as this. Nobody is making you download it.

      1. Johnny Rotten

        Yes, because we drive American trucks in Europe in real life and have done for the last 30 years, you prat.

        1. alanwolf1979

          Being insulting was very necessary huh. Do you feel like a bigger man now?

        2. Frank Underwood

          I’ve been pretty much everywhere in Europe and only managed to see two American trucks. One of which was on display.

          1. Johnny Rotten

            You want to do some research, try Google and have a look in Trucktrader in the UK, there’s also this site in Holland you’ll see hundreds of American trucks from Turkey to Portugal to Britain, there was even an Australian Kenworth K100 right hand drive to be found in the UK in 2011 that was for sale, enjoy your search and don’t mock those of us who have been around for many years and know exactly what we are talking about.

          2. sarah1224

            @ Johnny Rotten …. You want to do some research, try Google and you’ll see European trucks in USA too ….

  2. Dave Snow

    Heck I’d rather drive a European truck, or at least one with no long hood out front!!

    1. Rapping's

      – a European

    2. I prefer to drive a tractor honest American than European #### that will not last ride through the desert and everything are smart but they are small and scrubby distasteful: D

  3. Frank Underwood

    Yes! More Euro stuff in ATS thanks !!!

  4. 44th MAC Bagger

    :-) :-) …The Broteher from my Oncel lives in Phoenix Arizone and he drives a Scania R730 in his job ,rock around the USA :-).Was a Company Truck :-).

  5. Maybe pay too much ´´´´Money´´´´ for this MOD … that people complain so much

  6. awesome thank you can you do the scs daf xf and the scs mb mp4 :-)

    1. Ok will do but could take some time :D working on a fh2012 off road version for ats/ets2

  7. Does this work on

    1. so i’ve tested it on 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x and 1.3.x and it still works :D

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