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Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive Custom by Bu5ted

Date 2016-03-28 13:46

Kenworth-W900-Tri-Drive-1 Kenworth-W900-Tri-Drive-2 Kenworth-W900-Tri-Drive-3

Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted
Version # 1.0 for ATS
4 New Chassis Added :
Long 6×4
Tri-Drive 8×4
Tri-Drive Mid-Lift 8×4
Tri-Drive Tag-Lift 8×4
Added 10 Transmissions
Added 5 New Engines
Over 40 Addon Lights Including New Mini Beacon Markers
20 Bumpers for Truck With tons of Accessory Slots
Added 2 Visors With Custom Light Slots
New Cab Panel With Custom Light Slots
New Tank Lights with Custom Light Slots
Added New Exhaust: Straight Big Pipe and Angled Big Pipe
Added 4 New Tires and Made Custom taller Alcoa Rubber
Added Backside Lights to 2 Cab Variants
Added Custom Light Slots to Mirrors
Added Custom Aircleaners
Added Additional Cab Flares
Added Aditional Sleeper Lights
New Truck Sound and Jake
Changed FOV for interior view

This truck is a work in progress, there are some bugs with model but fully functioning as of now!
i hope you enjoy and give feedback
truck credits:
SCS Software

Bu5ted & …..SCS Software,Alcoa,Viper2,Pendragon,aradeth


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36 Responses to Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive Custom by Bu5ted

  1. kyle

    thank you!! have been waiting for something like this

  2. catalyst

    Wow! I cannot wait to test this mod, thank you all for this mod, the features in the discription looks great, is this working in stable version ? Because i’m not using beta version 1.2..

  3. Bu5ted

    No problem man, just remember it is still a work in progress, a lot more to come and bug fixes as well…but enjoy and if u have any suggestions I will try my best to implement them in next release!

  4. miek

    Hmmm, that means i can use anything from your mod and i can share it without your permission ;)

    Anyway, nice job, please continue to work on that.

  5. Truckguy

    Awesome, can’t wait to get home and try it out.

  6. No skin , make ugly the w900 default truck ……..i wait for versions with skins paintjobs

  7. Yeap. Same here. This mod messed up all beautiful skins made for W-900.

  8. CJay

    Mid drop axle when you press U to pick up or drop the axle the game freezes

  9. kemar

    this is a really cool mod. i dont know why but i cant add lights to the bumper or the rear of the truck. could i suggest making the jakes louder, adding roof wings & rear fenders? p.s the idle is siiiiiiiicccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! wish it was on all my trucks

  10. miguel

    Bu5ted can you make youtube video so everybody that is interested can learn to modify trucks with zmodeler

  11. PsyaNyde

    Messes up all custom skins and half of the scs skins, dunno if the truck uses the alternate uv skins (that might cause it), also can’t buy trucks ‘online’ have to visit the dealer. Some of the parts didn’t show up on the truck when selected. Don’t know if anything else is wrong as I deleted it before buying and driving. Be nice if he sorts it out, a ‘lowered’ chassis would also be welcome ;)

  12. jose

    Y’all need to update peterbilt 389

  13. MIKE


  14. Rodrigo B

    Very good truck
    Can I convert to ETS2?

  15. KenworthFreak

    This is the best beta so far, but the inside sounds are the same as the outside which is kinda annoying, but if you fix this… maybe i could donate you

  16. catalyst

    Tested it and works great! All the scs skins work perfectly, played with previous w900 truck acceceries mod.. Great work busted. If you can increase the fuel tank in next update..

  17. zoli1980

    nem műödik…összeomlik a játék…

  18. PsyaNyde

    You’re full of it catalyst, there are loads of bugs AND non working skins, both custom AND the higher lvl scs skins.

  19. for me in mod manager its coming
    cannot find mod

  20. catalyst

    Oops sry my bad. Yes it makes some skins messed up !

  21. Mike

    I LOVE THIS TRUCK! A couple bugs though. Some of the time when I add lights it crashes. And yeah a skin or two is messed up. But still an awesome truck. Can’t wait for the final product!

  22. Rodrigo B


    For ETS2 v1.22. v1.23 this converted

    Just waiting for authorization to release
    Can I release?

    • Bu5ted

      Rodrigo, u can do as u wish with this truck and release for ETS2, that goes for all other versions I release as well. I been workin hard on the next version and won’t be to far from release.

  23. Truckguy

    It crashes my game :(

  24. pitbullo89

    when i use this truck i have no sounds at all like no truck sounds but this was in the beta idk if you fixed it or not please let me know if anyone else had that problem

  25. Nate meadows

    I like this mod. im useing it now on youtube. but the sound at idle my need a tweak. and a turbo whistle. Other then that i love it. ATS is the game i got the mod for.

  26. bob jones

    what’s with this i tried this and now the cummins engine sounds for the 579 don’t work..this thing screws with custom sounds.

  27. bob jones

    ok so i tried this and now i have no sounds with my 579

  28. mike hunt

    this screws up custom sounds don’t use

  29. Space Cam

    full time you fix the front mod flap on the tri drive, a long tome this truck has been out now a full time this bug being fixed. and fix the day cab to the double axle too.

  30. steve

    any chance you could do the same with a peterbuild 379 long nose? that would be wicked sick to have a 379 long nose tripple axel heavy hauler with long frame and long sleeper and all your goodies too.

  31. STobi

    I need you to do something for me, and I think people will love this. There are two lights on the back of the cab of the T680, Pet579, & W900. Can you please make a “Add-on” mod that allows players to turns on lights in the cabs by clicking the “roof fog lights button” in the second pause menu. and players should be able to choose what color they want!

    I would really appreciate it if you could make this happen, please!

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