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Viva Mexico Map 2.5.1 (Nayarit)

Date 2019-02-24 11:10

for American Truck Simulator 1.34.x
* DLC New Mexico and Oregon is necessary.

What was fixed in v2.5.1?
New State, new cities, new roads, more fun
-San Blas
-Ixtlan del Rio
-Nvo. Vallarta

SCS Software

Authors: (in order of appearance)
-Franck Peru
-Jose Trucking
-Jared Castillo
-Joasim Castillo
-Eblem Torres
-Raul Martinez

In the mod manager, arrange the mods as follows:
1.- MEGA Resources 2.0.9
2.- Mexssimap 1.2
2.- México Extremo 2.1.7
3.- Viva México Map 2.5.1

if you want to make a voluntary donation: https://paypal.me/hugoces
MORE UPDATES AND INFO: https://mexicomap.blogspot.mx

SCS Software, hugoces


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11 Responses to Viva Mexico Map 2.5.1 (Nayarit)

  1. Felix Borstelmann

    please give me a direct download link, or a translation XD. I am from germany so its very difficult to me to work with that page

    • jigsaw

      The truth is, you have to be a genius to be able to download it without knowing spanish. Adapt you dumba$$, did you even look at the page? There’s download written in big, green letters, there’s link that you can click. Then, it says something about the mod folder and order, what do you think that means?

      God germans are stupid…

    • scania_dragon

      Hey Felix! Ich empfehle Dir und auch allen Anderen, diese Seite gar nicht erst zu betreten. Er hat ein Script laufen, das Werbeblocker aufspürt und Leute, die keine Werbung sehen wollen, gar nicht erst seiner Seite Inhalte sehen lässt. Solche Seiten stehen bei mir automatisch auf der Blacklist!

      • Felix Borstelmann

        danke für den tipp,
        das ist natürlich ales andere als die feine englische art von solchen leuten.
        Schade drum, sah vielversprechend aus

  2. nes

    Try this one. I had the same issues with that other page and my malwarebytes kept flagging for trojans and other crap from their original link.


  3. people people i just use google translate it will not make you vary upset

  4. Luc25

    espero que hayan solucionado la frontera en Sierra Vista. No podía pasar por ahí a Mexico ni de Mexico a USA. Estaba totalmente bloqueada en la versión 1.32.

  5. Paul

    Говна мексиканского по ссылке накидали блять с вирусней, качайте, радуйтесь. Но я скачал. Каспер всех ебнул. Карта отличная!

  6. Is this card compatible with Canada and C2C?

  7. Borsti

    Is that compatible with C2C and CanadaDream?

  8. Tolans2003


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