Mexico Extremo v 2.1.7

Trucking in Mexico is never as straight forward as in the US. Experience windy and dangerous roads, questionable conditions, road blocks, speed bumps and the ever satisfying beauty of the Mexican landscape, all from the comfort of your home.

New two states added, Aguascalientes and Nayarit, remodel of Durango state entirely, small portion added south of Chihuahua state, some upgrades made in Zacatecas. Special trasnport DLC support with 7 special transport cargo routes in map.



7 thoughts on “Mexico Extremo v 2.1.7

  1. volgar413

    game crash

  2. does it work with c2c?

  3. Crazy_Uri

    volgar413 +1

  4. Isn’t compatible with Coast to Coast at the moment and it causing missing roads on 101 from Santa Barbara to Oxnard. Also missing road near Los Angeles.

    1. Thank you for your report, for the moment open the .scs file, goto to /map folder and delete all files with “sec-0028+0003” to fix issue of 101 road. As for compatibility with C2C we are working on a solution.

  5. Please fix crash

  6. el juego crashea, no alcanza a cargar el mod :C

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