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Viva Mexico Map 2.1.1 Fix Version + Compatible Coast to Coast

Date 2017-01-13 12:43

Map: Viva Mexico Map 2.1.1 Fix Version + Compatible with Coast to Coast ATS 1.5.x

* Correction Errors
* Removed Invisible walls (San Felipe, Puerto San Carlos, San Diego border)
* Reduction Height



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21 Responses to Viva Mexico Map 2.1.1 Fix Version + Compatible Coast to Coast

  1. Steve Hollar

    Why is this being re-posted? It id doing nothing but confusing. I downloaded it and opened the rar. The file that makes it compatible with C2C is exactly the same size and date as the one I added on January 4. In fact, all three scs files are dated January 4. So why the re-post on January 13?

  2. shaun

    Are majority of the speed bumps gone to? There were way to many for my liking. Thank you.

  3. dursun

    calişmıyor oyundan atıyor kıyıdan kıyıla uyumsuz

  4. too many bumps an this map

  5. Rowddy

    is this map also compatible with the CanaDream Map v 2.0.1 ?? and if not will it be?

  6. jaiver

    thanks bro’

  7. Rowddy

    awsome txs :)

  8. paulfred

    Found invisible wall inside Beazer Homes in El Rosario. Unable to collect Cargo.

  9. Thank you so much for getting rid of all the extra add sites to download, I had to try like 5 different times on the first version to get through them all.

  10. marc

    Will it work with coast to coast 1.9.1.

  11. marc

    will it work with coast to coast 1.9.1

  12. The airport in San Diego does not work

  13. 0ddb4lltruck3r


  14. vader

    Oops! My mistake. This card is perfect! Eagerly waiting for more and more !!!
    WELL DONE! Perfect work!

  15. serup

    all my roads in mexico does not work !!!!!! please fix

  16. Where is the download button on the page it takes you to?

  17. Heavygamer70

    What a ####, 34 hours to wait for download!!!!!! Burn in hell with your map.
    I buy original maps, but will never pay private ppl who do this for hobby.

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