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Realistic California Highways v1.0

Date 2017-01-20 10:19

This mod replaces the highways and some roads around Los Angeles with more realistic renditions, more suburbs, lanes, realistic vegetation and texture use, etc. Most highways sorroundings are now based of actual locations in Los Angeles. In later versions I will re-do San Diego highways and other highways in other cities and between cities.

The city sorroundings are also heavily modified. Mountains in LA are pushed further back to be more realistic.

Interstate 5 ( LA )
Interstate 10 ( LA )
Downtown Freeway ( LA )

Mods that increase traffic heavily on highways.

Working in: v1.5



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29 Responses to Realistic California Highways v1.0

  1. 82KBody

    Is this Compatible with Coast to Coast, Viva la Mexico, or CanaDream?

  2. michael

    a job well done

  3. andre

    Very nice work really realistic

  4. AMER123d

    Great job….Interstate 5 need to be fixed. Truck runaway lane has road signs in the lane. The ones I came across so far is leaving Bakersfield after passing the broken down truck and before the weight station.

  5. I fixed the Bakersfield-bound runaway lane on the I-5 mountain passage.

  6. can together with :
    1-CanaDream 2.0.1
    2-VivaMexico 2.1.1
    3-Coast 2 Coast Patch 4
    4-Coast 2 Coast BETA

    if yes how to load.

  7. Upcoming in v2:
    Re-build of I-15 to Barstow and I-40 a few miles away from Barstow.
    San Diego rebuild.
    Fixes around LA.

  8. AMER123d

    Just wanted to point out some other flaws. Interstate 5 out of LA – Mod adds a Charged and Sell Goods but no road to it. Interstate 10 out of LA -Mod adds a Charged but no access to it. Both Charged and Sell Goods will give you deliveries but you can’t get to those location with your mod.

    Can you fix those because it is a great mod, but I had to delete it because driver for an hour and then when you get to LA there is no road to your drop off is disappointing.

  9. Can you please tell me exactly where you found the Sell Goods and Charged stores? I only found a Electronic store that caused a problem

  10. Steve Hollar

    Nice job. I did find one bug so far though. On the 5 going over the grapevine, several road signs are now out in the far right lane.

  11. Oscar de Wyldde

    Great job..please consider adding the huge truck stop at Ontario West (TA). Exit 57 in the real world on the I-10. Missing city of Palm Springs and the flying junction of the I-10 and California 86 would be nice, too, at exit 145. If I was really greedy I would ask for the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs at Cabazon (exit 106) to be included.

  12. AMER123d

    The locations that need to be fixed is located across the ramp leaving LA, just follow the road by Costco and Vista Print. When you get to the overpass there is a Costco and Best Buy on the other side of the highway with no access. If you take a left on to the highway from the same off ramp and head to I-10 there is a Best Buy without access. It’s the ramp LA to Carlsbad.

  13. Los Angeles mellett Charged Sell goods megközelíthetetlen!

  14. I+kinda+noticed+that+it+makes+my+game+a+little+glitchy+and+I+noticed+that+the+left+turn+street+signal+lights+aren’t+working

  15. Pablo Gómez


  16. I fixed my glitchy problem but other than the minor stuff that everyone on here speaks of on here but other than that great mod

  17. Lance Simon

    it is a great mod, I hope it gets updated to fix those errors

  18. Shaun

    I noticed that one of the Best Buy’s & Costco are under neath the ground? Is there a way you can fix this? It’s off of I5.

  19. stoked_dude

    Update coming soon to address these issues!

    • I was wondering if you can add a road that leads to both the best Buy locations with a gas station in between the little suburbs you made would be nice but other than that I’m enjoying the extra access

  20. Wim Frencken


  21. Really constructive critisism.

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