14 thoughts on “Mexuscan renamed CanaDream Map v 2.0.1

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Nice map only it lags a bit, maybe You can try to do something about that?

    You can contact me on facebook by my name for support.

  2. WobblyCaptain

    Well finally I get round to trying this map , so far I have really enjoyed It I have come across a few aircraft (movers the fighter planes / jets that appear to be stuck in the landscape easy fix if you know where they are , sorry I didn’t make note but good luck finding them as this map is huge :-) apart from that great map keep up the good work the only thing I don’t like is the travel by cargo plane to is it Labrador city ?
    Me personally would prefer to drive ;-)
    But great map a lot of work gone into it looking forward to future updates…

    1. Stephen Butler

      Hello there Captain of the Wobblers, long time no, er, write. It would be great if you could let me know how you got this map to work, assuming you are using In other words, which order do the maps/patches go? I am dreaming of the drive from Labrador City to Key West. Hope you’re OK, cheers, Stephen

  3. Brendan chevrier

    dont know if i’m doing something wrong but when i go to install this mod it crashes my ga me

  4. At map view resolution on (1920X1080) is not readable subtitles.Thank you before.

  5. Stephen Butler


    1. Stephen Butler

      Is there anybody out there…?

      1. it does not work for you?

      2. IT DOESN’T WORK WITH 1.5

        1. Stephen Butler

          Thank you. Cheers, Stephen

  6. James Field

    Hi All!

    Just tried the new mexuscan and I gotta say it’s great! No crashes or anything! :-D.

    Up next Mexico!


  7. it does not work for you

  8. Welcome signs missing at California/Oregon state line

  9. not works on steam version updated. (feb/09/17)

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