Vintage Billboards


Well, in this mod I’ve changed the game billboards with some vintage ones for the old timers like me
There’s no any installation order for the Mod Manager.
Tested and working on v1.0.0

SCS, Mafiozos68


13 thoughts on “Vintage Billboards

    1. Mafiozos68

      Your video has nothing to do with my mod but anyway its cool!
      What engine mod do you use for that Pete?

  1. Trucker_bob

    nicely done! thats trucking AWSOME!

  2. I love that Camaro . <3

  3. mark hackenbacker

    these are excellent

  4. So coooool Thanks !!

  5. WobblyCaptain

    Nice going load them up right now :-)

  6. Very cool. Some of them are pretty old. Unfortunately…. I remember some of them. I’m not going to tell you how many though.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. HavermoutPAP

    game crashing.. dont know why, maybe i got to much MODS.

  8. Faelandaea


    Sorry I couldn;t resist. But yes I am going to DL this and check it out. Nice work :)

    1. I was thinking Fallout in General, especially with these signs around Vegas and Primm.

  9. Nice Work but crash in Las Vegas when the mod its ON.

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