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New Route Advisor

Date 2016-02-10 10:01

Route-Advisor-1 Route-Advisor-2 Route-Advisor-3

This mod adds a new form of route advisor, new shape, more space.
Happy trucking!
manifest.sii included

Authors: Nerds Geeks


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6 Responses to New Route Advisor

  1. GeeTee

    Great mod, thanks. The text “You currently have no delivery job” is appearing near the top of the screen though – could this be moved to the bottom below the gauges?

  2. maffo95

    hope this one won’t crash when you switch advisor view

  3. this mod worked great now it makes my game crash, can you help me fix this please, email me : [email protected]

  4. Mod is crashing new version of the game (1.1.x).

  5. James

    does not work with update

  6. tuco

    For the people crashing: you need the new version (4.5). I just downloaded it from the SCS forums and tested it and it’s working perfectly. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=202&t=200356&sid=4a43f3021da561130241a165fbc98087

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