Route Advisor Mod Collection V4.0


Collection Route Advisor v4 – 200 options
Select one of your choice
Description in Readme
More details in the video ( Video from the ETS).



10 thoughts on “Route Advisor Mod Collection V4.0

  1. boozedbat

    Judging from the file name listed this is a fake improper upload as it isn’t
    using the archive file name from the legit source.
    Also, current version of the real Route Advisor is 4.3 for both ETS2 and ATS.
    URL for legit version is and only is
    Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.3 [ETS2 v1.22∼] is compatible with ATS v1.0.
    That thread. Use that one.
    You will also find instructions on how to modify to suit your own use.

    1. ThatDamnYankee

      Thank you for the info and link!

    2. putting that aside how do you know which one is which, i looked at the list, and there are .. hundreds ..

  2. Since the last game update it chrashes the game … :( … can we hope in a fix ?

  3. yap! reporting the same it crash the game hope for a fix , thanks

    1. Follow the link :
      Restored in my game ( and it works fine … :)

  4. WaveTrAcer

    Would love to use this great mod like I have done for months now. But like above mentioned, since the latest game update it crashes the game. It did the same with an other route advisor mod too.

    1. Follow the link :
      Restored in my game ( and it works fine … :)

  5. Hi thanks for the mod.query How to delete the white frame?cancels’s eyes pain sorry for my english Thanks

  6. Hi hapsee,
    You can choose and use only 1 of the 200 (!!!) type of configuration …
    In the file there is a Readme.txt with the explanation of the acronyms in the name of each file.

    General Small Map(GSM), Ordinary Normal Map(ONM), Special Big Map(SBM)
    Center Bottom, Center Top, Right Edge, Right Top
    1 Line Text Bottom(1LTB), 1 Line Text Top(1LTT)
    3 Line Text Bottom(3LTB), 3 Line Text Top(3LTT)
    No Frame(NF), With Frame(WF)
    Map Black Background(MBB), Map Clear Background(MCB)
    Text Black Background(TBB), Text Clear Background(TCB)
    First F3 key(With Map), Second F3 key(No Map) …

    … so, for example, if you choose :

    Route Advisor_KAAC_ONM_Center Top_1LTB_NF_MBB_TBB_v4.5.scs

    you will have

    Ordinary Normal Map (ONM) in Center Top Position and
    1 Line Text Bottom (1LTB)
    NO Frame (NF) and a Map Black Background (MBB)
    with a Text Black Background (TBB).

    Thanks again to the Author : Hemil … :)

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