USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.2 v1.1.1.x By 246 Studios


246 Studios

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Uploading to other host or site is not allowed! (Only with permission)
Editing on this map mod is ONLY for personal use (Not allowed to upload your edited version)
If is see someone that does this he will be warned, and second time i see it the map won’t be uploaded anymore, update’s and news is then only available in private group on facebook!

Thanks for downloading the map.

Map Maker: Rob Viguurs. Member of 246 Studios

Changelog: New cities Nenana and Anchorage! Added HDR. Improved roads: ice lake’s! lot of new details like Different trees and objects, and you can start in Atlantica and Fairbanks! (new cities and more roads are coming!)

Map with module = realistic time and km but not compactible with other maps.

Map with no module = no time and km realism change but compactible with other maps and you can drive on last profile.

Installation instructions:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad alaska map v1.2 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game and make NEW profile!
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: Select the game MODULE ”USA offroad road” (if you don’t select the game module the map won’t work) (The game module is located in the bodum of your screen when you select your truck and name enz…)
Step 6: Play the game.
Extra!: Activate the economy mod v0.3 it is ONLY for with module!
if you use this with NO MODULE version you will get very short delivery’s but overprice. It is only suited for MODULE version.
THE ECONOMY MOD IS OPTINAL so it is not needed to run the mod map mod.

Installation instructions NO MODULE:
Step 1: read this readme carefully.
Step 2: Put USA offroad alaska map v1.2 by Rob Viguurs in your documents -> American truck simulator -> mods.
Step 3: Start the game.
Step 4: Activate the mod.
Step 5: play the game.

For more info, help or contact me: ”Facebook: Rob Viguurs” ”Gmail: [email protected]

Happy trucking.

246 Studios

246 Studios, map artist: Rob Viguurs.


22 thoughts on “USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.2 v1.1.1.x By 246 Studios

  1. its not working.. uninstalled all other mods still not working… help!!!!

  2. bonjours votre carte est elle toujours aussi petite et illisible

    1. Rob Viguurs

      English please

  3. eliaknuj601

    I heard someone playing this with MHAPro Map. What’s the order of the mods for it to work?

  4. Hello rob can you please compress this map little more ? I have a very limited bandwith.

  5. Can you please compress this map rob.. I have a very limited data quota..

  6. Trucker_Bob

    i Am unsure on this i will let players know if it is worth it when i get home as it needs my thumbs up.

  7. eliaknuj601

    I heard someone playing this with MHAPro Map. What’s the order of the mods for it to work?

  8. Good until too that there is some exaggeration in the gaps . Some stretches are simply insurmountable . Another thing would be, if possible to make the map of the visible menu loads .

  9. NascarBen

    I’m getting a crash when trying to open the freight market with the coast to coast map installed. I am using the no module version.

  10. Coma White

    Why do I not have the option to activate the Alaska module?

    I only have California grayed out on a new profile.
    Had this same problem with another Real distance mod I wanted to run.

  11. Yes…I love your m a maps…but by the time u get to nome. ..u need to rest..Bo rest areas? And this up date screws up jobs screen will not work with any of my mods….help with order or maybe a few tweaks?

  12. Would like this more if I wasn’t sent to California on my first run. What a boring drive!

  13. The instructions do NOT match the files in the .rar !
    There are 3.

    These two go together into the mods folder for the MODULE version
    1.) Economy Mod v0.3 By 246 Studios (ONLY for MODULE Version).scs
    2.) USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.2 By 246 Studios.scs

    This one is used ALONE for the NO MODULE version
    3.) USA Offroad Alaska Map v1.2 By 246 Studios [NO MODULE].scs

  14. can you check between havasu and restwood as I am getting snow effects on my wheel not dirt effects

  15. No module version sucks no rest stops can be made in time and some roads are just plain in drivable I’ve played every map including Russian open spaces and early TSM so I know how to manage terrain properly with loads on but this is just undrivable half of time u get random damage on bumps u cannot avoid and some corners are to tight the trailer slips down cliffs even with a very very wide birth do not recommend until the no module version is useable

  16. littlewolfe

    yo dude do u think you could make it a bit more realistic by makeing the ice super slick and adding more traffic thanks

  17. ok you need to edit some of the entrance of the depot what ##### company would have high dirt’s like that on there driveway’s I was pulling in to finish my job and the truck gets stuck then the trailer gets stuck!!###!! and also edit you Roads don’t make those humps so high simple little humps and bumps is all you need.

  18. Patrick (France)

    Belle extension, mais les routes sont très longues et monotones, elles manquent de quelques animations .Néanmoins beau travail, merci de tenir compte de cette remarque.

  19. Great map, BEAUTIFUL! scenery, but the only problems i have with this mod is

    -No gas stations or service garages between California and Alaska.
    – Ai go pretty fast in the snow roads (makes me look like an a**hole)
    – Some more small towns would be nice
    – found a small invisible wall on somewhere between California and Alaska.

    Please author for the next update add in these options!

    Much thanks!

  20. i cant get this one to work . it wont let me select the module at all its grayed out, is there a way to fix that please , thanks.

  21. F4T4L_Feedz

    Does this work with ATS 1.3?!?

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