11 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v1.4.1

  1. Still not working. Whatever file that had the picture attached to it is missing. The one that says coast to coast.

  2. I would ask you to tell me which mode you use the zoom of the map, because for me the game v1.1.1.3s, but I can not move the map to the left and zoom is only for a standard ticket.Map love driving and I drove a truck to Philadelphia without any problems, even it was not fps outages, which usually have the standard map.
    On the map not see any city of your maps. On your appendix is all visible?

    1. This mod must have highest priority – and you’ll see ALL roads & cities :)

  3. Try right mouse button and hold, than move map.

  4. Seriously though, how many times do I have to comment? The part that made the mod work is no longer showing up in my list.

  5. any plans to adding the license plates of the other states?

  6. thanks for the map scale repair

  7. You’re right, you rapid, this mode works when the first priority, but because other modes wrinkles
    function. The map is not poorly done. I crossed the road from Los Angeles to Boston going into every city that was along the way and there were no problems, nor the game was not a single moment of downtime, you can not say for part of the game on vanilla map. I resent authors as map made too monotonous, I know USA and all of its state units and I can say that the landscape around the highway is not the least bit captures the country is going through. When I was driving, I had the impression that I drive an enormous California desert with a few small oasis. I’d recommend the authors of future map that you are doing a project some of the states in the USA to see how this is done in the \NFS RUN\ game. This applies to the SCS team. It is disappointing that with the exception of San Francisco no other city does not look like a city. Rather, they were a provincial place less importance. For example, one of Warsaw in ETS2 is better shown than Los Angeles, which is three times larger city. With this bet only two sellers truck game is really funny, because in the USA at least 20 world companies manufacturers of trucks, of which at least 12 of them in California and Nevada. Long story short, the game over the previous ETS2 is disappointing, it is not the reputation of the SCS team. You can see that everything is done with the hills and the valleys, but I guess the authors of the new version make a better impression.

  8. I am in agreement with you, but it took SCS with probably a dozen programmers to build the initial set up for USA by using the same graphics engine from ETS2 with some minor graphic improvements and building the scenery and movement of that scenery took better than 2 years for only 2 states and that is with minimual cities included.
    The time line for many states besides improving on problems in the first two states I would guess to be about 10+ years. I also believe a never ending story of ATS for the distant future-If users are willing to wait,True alot of copy and paste scenery items which computers are good at saves some time but for a realistic version of any scenery that looks even like a minimum replicas in +30days after launch is physically impossible without an army of designers working24/7.
    I myself waited and listened to all the misinformation and delay tactics of SCS, since the start of ETS2 for over 3 years and ATS for over two. Those who are impatient and want results before the posting of many comments of unsatisfactory results I say go else where!. This is not an army war game but a SIMULATION based on Imagination of the designers.
    This map tho wearily similar to a desert but may progress into a branching set of road roots leading all over the country. You don’t grow a tree by a single root because it will fall over. Mantrid I believe has done well to get it going this soon.
    My last comment is without positive comments it may die and fall away because of lack of audience sunshine. After all it worked on my machine the first copy and I still use it daily. Yesterday I had an 85 hour trip to Hawaii from Boston using all three maps working at one time without one single glitch. KEEP IT GROWING MANTRID !!!!

    1. If you think ETS 2 cities look better then ATS cities please take a look back at ETS 2 again. Because ETS 2 cities were very poorly made by SCS software.

  9. Mantrid, Thanks for the map and the constant improvements…I look forward to your next update.

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