Route 93 RR Crossings


Other minor changes to the Route 93 in between two RR crossings have been made to ensure safer driving experience (speed limit in vicinity of RR crossings reduced to 55, and speed limit around T-intersection was increased from 30 to 55, yellow warning lights and directional sign added). Hope you enjoy it.



18 thoughts on “Route 93 RR Crossings

  1. yey! thanks! this looks million times better!

    1. ScottishNinja

      oh god not you again

    2. ScottishNinja

      will you please stop trucker bob fed up seeing your silly posts every where

  2. Female Trucker

    Erm ! How do you install this then please?

    1. well i got as far as unzipping it then boom!!!! my world fell apart :)…..roughly translated i have no idea either :)

  3. ScottishNinja

    shut up please Trucker_Bob fed up seeing you post rude and nasty stuff

    1. How exactly is “yey! thanks! this looks million times better!” a rude and nasty post?

      The troll here, it seems is you. ;)

  4. How do you install this since it is neither a zip file or a scs file

  5. Arthur Vince

    There’s a “map” file in the zip download…where must i put it? (cause it’s not a scs file..)

    1. When you extract .zip file, a folder “RR crossing” is appeared. And you open the folder, there is the same name of the folder in. Please copy and paste the folder to “mod” folder. Folder extension isn’t .scs, but the folder will be recognised as a mod.

  6. Trucker Steve

    No idea either, i tried to rename the extension to .scs, but it won’t show in-game mod list

  7. ScottishNinja

    all scs files go inside your ats mod folder i think there a is you tube video on how to add them

  8. The file is packed incorrectly, it should be either a ZIP or a SCS file. Take the “map” folder out of the RAR archive and pack it with WinRAR using the ZIP and the “store” option (without compression). Then change the extension to “.scs”.

    1. You can just leave it as a .zip file and the game will still read it

  9. If people can’t do the job properly then they should #### off, only scs files go in my Mod folder, nothing else, sort it out you amateur developers, you know the score by now. A huge pity as this mod looked very professional, shame about it’s author.

    1. rookie31st

      FYI, game is capable of reading folders inside Mod folder, not just .scs files. This mod has been packed properly and needed only to be unpacked into Mod folder. However, I replaced it with .scs and uploaded repacked version, for people who are less flexible and prefer things the way they got used to already without even checking if things work any other way. Enjoy

  10. gloopydew

    One thing that is off with all the railroad crossings in ATS is that they have arms that come down on both sides of the road, which is NOT how it is done (at least in the western states). The railroad crossing arms should only be on the right lane(s), not the European style crossing with both right and left lanes being blocked. This allows morons to drive around the crossing arms and get struck and killed by the train.

    1. Actually, this is not true. In the DFW area, many crossing guards have the arms that are like this, to prevent people from going around the gates. This is mainly on the TRE passenger train line (and some of DART light rail)

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