9 thoughts on “US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v 1.3

  1. I had no problems with the previous version, but what the heck…

  2. Seal, what’s with the misleading picture? I was excited that Chico/Yuba City would be in this version, so I replaced the old mod with this one..looked at the world map, and Chica/Yuba city wasn’t there…This is going to draw people away from your mod, big time. Very misleading picture.

    1. Bullshit. They will correctly assume that a wrong picture was upped. There are a lot of morons around here, but they won’t get “drawn away”.

      1. Well, it might not draw people away. But this is still misleading. What’s the point in putting a picture up if the content in the picture isn’t in the mod?

  3. So you fixed something that was never broken and added something that isnt even there? Ok.

  4. ShirBlackspots

    Is that exit north of Sacramento (north of the clover interchange) fixed in this version of 1.3? On the SCS forums, this was shown to totally screw up that one.

  5. Whenever I tried to go to Sacramento my game crashed. Anyone else have this problem

  6. this version is totally bad …it just wiped out the map

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