7 thoughts on “I-Fix 15 Primm v 1.0 – Intersection fix for I-15 Primm

  1. Awesome! Keep it up with these! Probably the next could be a I-8/I-5 Connection? It’s annoying when I hit San Diego along I-8 and I have to spend 15 minutes getting through San DIego just to get to Freeway 5.

  2. ShirBlackspots

    This mod only works if its the only map mod active.

    1. Same here. Needs to be fixed so it works with other map mods.

  3. Nathaniel Horton

    It works for me

  4. Nathaniel Horton

    Worked for me

  5. Dr. Richard Heade

    Awwww, I can’t crash into other trucks now when I cross the Interstate from the gas station to the garage.

  6. It wiped put I-40 from Flagstaff to Barstow in C2C.

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