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Tri-Drive Peterbilt 389 by Bu5ted

Date 2016-11-06 10:27

peterbilt-389-2 peterbilt-389-1

Peterbilt 389 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted
Version # 1.0 for ATS

SCS Peterbilt 389 By Bu5ted

Added Tri Drive Chassis
Added Lowered Chassis
Added Billet Grill
Added OLD 379 Lights
Added New Engines
Added New Engine Sounds

Log file is clean and free of errors!

As always this truck is a work in progress, there are some bugs! Please
report bugs so i can fix them for next version.
Any Suggestions can be sent as well.


SCS, Bu5ted


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21 Responses to Tri-Drive Peterbilt 389 by Bu5ted

  1. tuphoon29

    When selecting engines Cummins ISX15, N14 – all sounds disappear :(

  2. MAPCEJlb

    You do not learn anything, BU5TED. Those same mistakes as with the Kenworth w900. Stretched texture.

    • Bu5ted

      Could you do me a favour and look in the manifest under display name, I think I uploaded the wrong link, if it says v.1 at end of line it’s the wrong version, it was for a tester, I will switch links asap if it is, thank for pointing that out.

    • Bu5ted

      Hey man I just checked it out and my graphics card must be to weak to see what your talking about stretched texture, cause everything looks fine on my end, both game and modeller.

  3. Video with this amazing modification,works great:


  4. **Sorry Guys it was late and i uploaded tester version of mod by accident**
    Theres a new DL link until they update the one on this page, thanks for patience.

  5. are you talking about the original link, or the new one he put in the comments.

    • Bu5ted

      They are both messed up, I have it corrected now but something was wrong with the normal map and couldn’t get it to keep its chart.

  6. Bu5ted

    First off it wasn’t intentional, and secondly do you really think I give two shits if you play with my mods, I do this for FREE on my time by myself so go play something else then you whiny, I don’t see any of your mods around??? Why’s that I wonder?

    • Griffin

      Hi Bu5ted. Even the screenshots can be seen that you have problems with textures, but you’re still you spread your mod. Why make excuses? I like what you do and your ideas. But I do not like your implementation and the fact that you upload the raw mod for the public. Please do not take offense. Read a few guides, porasprashivay other modders. Perhaps you are not properly eksportiruesh their model or UV-mapping.

  7. matt033


  8. matt

    can you have the 6×4 short chassis with a sleeper

    the contact emails for website arent working to get link changed so heres the new one for now,

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