International 9900i

international-9900i-2 international-9900i-1 international-9900i-3

International 9900i for ats

Warning game will crash when you change from the day cab to the other sleeper
but the day cab and other sleeper works and interiors. will fix

3x cabs
3x chassis

credits “Superman ,evh5150vanhalen,Danclark ,Kapitan Kriechbaumand others”


23 thoughts on “International 9900i

    1. the link you provided for the template doesn’t work.


        i dont know whats wrong with share mods

        1. alot of people had a few problems with sharemods the past few days, but thanks for fixing cant wait to get to work on some skins for this

  1. steven preston

    what dealer is it in

  2. Russian beast

    Wow! Champion truck!

  3. Beautiful truck, thx.

  4. UnkemptBush343

    Wow, lovely truck though I did have a problem with not having a steering wheel no matter what I picked. Luckily did not get a game crash till after I made my delivery.

  5. Muy buen trabajo,pero el archivo cuando se descarga y de descomprime sale error.p porfavor si pueden arreglar ese problema muchas gracias.

  6. you need the wheel dlc

  7. pickup_trucks16

    i love the truck and everything but the only problem i get is when i go to the homescreen is crashes my game. but besides that love the truck

  8. acenickells

    Great truck

    Many thanks

  9. still needs some work doing to it and it needs a standard steering wheel adding for the people who don’t have the steering wheel dlc

    1. i forgot to add it but my next update i will fix

      1. ah ok this is a promising mod quick question for you the beacons and the racks on this mod could you also make them for viper2 peterbilt v2.0.8 and gt mike t800 mods as well please they would look awsome on them

  10. Can+you+please+fix+the+issue+with+crashing+while+going+to+the+menu+in+your+next+update+great+truck+by+the+way+I+love+the+9900i

  11. Absolutely love this truck! Only things i had to edit was the diff ratio: stock was 3:25 (way too tall) to 4:11 and the fuel tank capacity needed to be bigger.
    yeah some textures and shadows need a bit of work but over all great model!
    can’t stop driving it!!!

  12. whowantsto know

    please add plates!

  13. can+you+add+brake+lights?

  14. Very nice truck, but as the others mentioned, still needs a lot of work.

  15. idk if its just me but it seems to crash my game when I go to the menu.

  16. Paulys Custom skins

    Could the authors of this mod please get in contact with me,its me Pauly from off the workshop.

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