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Tractocamion Kenworth T660 (for ats v1.4)

Date 2016-11-08 10:14


Fully standalone.
Many tuning parts adapted

SCS,FRANCK_PERU. (and to whom it may concern)


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32 Responses to Tractocamion Kenworth T660 (for ats v1.4)

  1. Jaws009

    will this will work this time?

  2. Mike

    Doesnt shop up in KW dealership

  3. Dragster94


  4. Peter Roye Clayton III

    Hi Franck, thanks for your efforts, it’s a nice truck. Just noticed an issue with the passenger side front mirror not showing up when selected.

  5. Peter Royce Clayton III

    One other complaint Franck, when you password the files, we cannot load the truck in ETS2 Studio to create skins. Any chance you will change your policy toward this restriction?

  6. Test Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/MrGermanTruck

  7. BS1

    Great work, thank you!

    Best regards,

  8. Gerardo Morales

    Gracias por la actualización Franck, dónde podría contactarte, he tratado de hacer algunos skins pero el cofre tiene algunas partes que no puedo pintar y quisiera saber si puedes ayudarme, saludos.

    • FRANCK

      con que nombre estas en facebook,
      hay te escribo por invox y te neviare
      el nuebo linck q esta areglado.

  9. Timothy

    Ok so i use SCS Unlocker to unlock the truck and it still crashes to Desktop :(

  10. Timothy


  11. SS


  12. Timothy

    This Truck is still garbage i can now make it to the editor but cant change anything with out it crashing

    • FRANCK

      It is not rubbish it is a mod that is kw t660,
      And it’s easy, if you do not like it,
      do not use it, so you get so much trouble

  13. Timothy

    Who ever locked this truck is a freaking dum ### for doing so a lot of people are getting pissed off cuss they cant use this mod in their game please fix the truck

  14. FRANCK


  15. Timothy

    FRANCK you said that cuss u locked and can give a #### less what others thank

  16. Timothy

    Frank i know what u did this truck is the V1.3 T660 you updated it and locked the files so no one can use it what a Dum A$$

    • FRANCK

      Well the truth is that I do not understand you, do not you like the mod? And I do not know what acer is.

  17. Timothy

    its not that i do not like the mod its the fact that you locked the mod and now it does not work

  18. Wayne Templeton

    Great mod–it’s my main truck. I’m wondering if there will be an update for ats 1.5?

  19. Hola Frank el mod funciona en la ultima version del ATS?
    Y como tengo que acomodar los mods?
    Y ultimo va a estar para la version 1.5?

  20. Isidro Leon

    Frank, me gusta mucho tu trabajo, pero tengo meses esperando que le agregues el advanced trailer coupling(enganche del trailes avanzado), al querer tomar una carga con este activado siempre se bloquea antes de llegar al acoplador, es como si el chasis en esa parte estubiera demasiado alto, saludos espero puedas solucionar eso ya que es un gran modelo

  21. gusitow

    link caido amigo :c

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