14 thoughts on “Trailers from game “World Of Tanks”

  1. Pretty sure those flat beds would snap in half

  2. ###! This is amazing. Have been trying to figure out how to do this myself with WoT tanks…Is there any chance of a video tutorial?? :D

  3. Hetzer do hetz!

  4. Humm, i’m waiting for the World of Warships version!

    (It’s a joke…)

  5. Nice, well done. thanks

  6. Yeuy THANKS for modding my Request YUHOOO!!

  7. Ben Garcia

    very awesome, would love to see US Tanks, just sayin ;)

    1. Arthur Vince NL

      Indeed..,love to see the Shermans
      instead of ze Germanz on the road..lol

      Anyhow as always great mod, Fred.. a bientot.

  8. Very nice mod a novel idea.

  9. Arthur Vince NL

    I know the US Army and US Airforce used old tanks as targets at the Nevada Shooting ranges , ..but German WW2 tanks?.. (just joking)

  10. After i installed this, America looked like a war sone… pretty realistic if Donald Trump wins!


  11. Milo_slayer

    Hi very nice mod :) but can you make a Maus or something really heavy, thank you so much!

  12. put the t95 and maus or if ya want to overkill it put the gustav railway gun on it those are my ideas :D

  13. Purritoexe

    I do not know why, but it didn’t work. I’ve used multiple similar mods aswell, noone of them worked.

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