USA Trailers Pack v1.0


USA Trailers pack v1.0 by David Corley, Solaris36 & Stewowe.

David Corley (Trailers skins)
Solaris36 (Revised, reworked, cargos, pack & configuration)
Stewowe (Trailer model)

Modifications (by Solaris36):
Gathered all trailers skins in one mod.
New cargos.
Lowered prices (more realistic).
Added all trailers to a.i. traffic.
Added license plate light.
Added side blinkers lights.
Modified light mask.
Modified axis width.

Only trailers: Eagle, wolf and Pumpkin not included. Are custom skins. You can find separately.


Other works:

David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe


53 thoughts on “USA Trailers Pack v1.0

  1. Arthur Vince NL

    Thanks!! (Now i can delete all the DC trailers in the mod location..)

    1. arthur vince

      David Corley, are your beer trailers included as well?

      1. Awesome Solaris36, thank you so much for your help!! I cant wait to download and try this supercool reworked version! Artbur, unfortunately not for my beer trailers as they wont let us upload alcohol based content on this website. Solaris36 would have to rework those separately and upload to another modsite for us and somehow let us know where if he decides to do those as well which would be freakin awesome. lol :)

        1. sorry typing errors Arthur. just woke up for work. no coffee yet. lol

          1. arthur vince

            Well.. about coffee….maybe a good idea to make some American coffee trailers? ;-)

          2. lol You never know, Arthur. :)

  2. xeno-mick

    Great now i can use alĺ dc trailers. When good modders colobrate they can work wonders.
    For all your work.

    1. You are very welcome xeno-mick. I am so thankful solaris36 improved it tremendously for us and also thankful for stewowe creating this really cool trailer to begin with.

  3. I downloaded this morning, but got an error unpacking the file. :( I will download and try again after work…maybe it will unpack successfully next time.

  4. @Solaris36-DC-David YOU ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll try them tonigth!

    1. You’re welcome man. :)

  5. We are glad you like them! Have fun! :)

  6. Are these trailers stand alone?

    1. solaris36

      Off course. Nothing replaces.
      I’m glad u like it and thank you for your comments. :-)

      1. Awesome, thank you sir for your work.

      2. Thank you so much Solaris36 for taking my skins to the next level! I was able to DL them when I got home from work and it unpacked correctly this time for me. Bad inet connection this morning was messing with it. But man I just tried it out in-game and it was so AWESOME to see my trailers being pulled all around by AI trucks all at one time without having to switch out trailers one at a time! lol Plus I saw one in storage too at a pickup location! Sweet!! :) This is gonna be so cool, thank you again!

  7. james here- glad for the update but how does the world make these trailers get from place to place?? tractors!! since we all love the trailers is there not one of you who do skins for cabs? It is getting scarse for combos and overload on trailers. I have a special set of profiles for combos and get them when they are available so lets have a go at it huh.

  8. excellent trailer pack !!

  9. How about some tractor skin for the trailers thus making combo sets please

    1. The problem is that I have a ton of truck skins that go with most of my trailers, but they are on the Kenworth T800 truck which doesnt work in the current version of ATS. If someone fixes that truck to run in ATS, I can bring in all my truck skins so we can have a good number of combos.

      1. Ok dave I’ll get off the request train and sit back for a while to see what develops. just got off a trip to New york and back to LA. with the coast to coast map. I love the combination of maps, makes for some real OTR conquests using your trailers.

        1. Hey James, it’s actually pretty easy to make truck skins if you got a good template and the right tools. Just google some youtube vids on it. You will see what I mean. It just takes a bit of time of which I don’t have as much anymore i’m afraid. lol with basically pulling 12 hr workdays and 2 little children at home, my time is pretty limited so I try to just drive trucks when I get a bit of free time. At least this trailer conversion was quick and easy and then solaris36 working magic to make them even better. I actually only made 1 skin lately from scratch and that was my Heartland Express trailer. the rest of my skins I already had made back in ETS2 awhile back. My problem is that i’m very particular when I skin so it takes me awhile to get it where i’m happy. And my babies get unhappy with me when i’m parked on here skinning. I tend to get addicted to it. lol But my babies come first so skinning is on the backburner now…unless they go to their nana’s or to town awhile! lol Oh I do have 2 truck skins and 3 more trailers posted on B62s facebook page under visitor posts. Also B62 does great work on ETS2 skins if you have that game too.

  10. Wow this is awesome guys. Thank you so much!

    1. No problem man! :)

  11. Thxn DC-David, Solaris 36 and Stewowe!
    This trailer is pretty cool and i think it´s the best for this awesome game. DC your skins are great, love them. Solaris, thxy mate for this great work. Now my trailer- skins are in traffic for me. I´m happy. You can see a little of my work on WOT (GUEGUE)

    1. You are very welcome Walkerhunter. I am happy you like them! :)

  12. Truckin Awsome! Solaris, Solaris Strikes AGAIN!

  13. bigtall10

    Are these trailers standlaone?

    1. Yep, standalone now thanks to Solaris36. :)

  14. The Clumsy Geek

    These trailers are amazing! One Q though, for some reason I am not able to pick jobs with these trailers. I only see them in AI trucks. Is that expected? Or could it be a mod conflict?

    1. Thanks! Hey make sure you sleep a few times then check to see them. I had to sleep a few times and change garages a time or two then they started showing up in the job list. I did, however, disable all other standalone trailers with only replacing trailers enabled in order to make my trailers show up quicker. It seemed to work. Got one hooked up right now waiting for delivery next time I truck. :)

      1. The Clumsy Geek

        Thanks! Will go and check that out. Excited to carry one of these bad boys. XD

  15. Mildred Ratched

    Hi DC-David, Solaris36, and Stewowe,

    Amazing mod, it looks brilliant. Great job on the skins too.

    I’m from KnoxVegas Trucking and I was wondering if I could get your permission to use your trailer mod for our standalone trailers. I will only be editing the textures and cargo. All credit will be given to you guys.


    1. Hi Mildred, speaking for myself only and based on your post it’s ok by me on my side of things being the skinner. Would be cool though to see what you come up with though for your company. :)

      1. Mildred Ratched

        Sounds good, thanks! Do you know of any other way to contact the others?

        1. solaris36

          Hi Mildred. No problem about this.
          Only I want to see the result. :-)

          1. me too Solaris36! lol :) hi Mildred, you are most welcome. im not sure where stewowe is or even if he still plays. i started skinning his wonderful trailer way back when it came out in ETS2. I dont speak for stewowe, but from what I gather though, most of us dont mind as long as we are given proper credits. sharing in the modding community is a good thing and sometimes great results happen. like in this case. me skinning all those trailers stewowe made so long ago now be used in ATS and then Solaris36 working his magic to make them all standalone in one pack. sweet!!

          2. Mildred Ratched

            Here’s the current result, thank you guys again!


  16. solaris36

    Looks really good Mildred. Good job.
    And…..David, isn’t magic, only hours and hours and hours and…….more hours learning how to make that things with blender and game engine XD.
    Mmmm I see coffee brands skins? :-D

    1. Looks great Mildred! Good job indeed! Solaris36, well I can tell you this much, your hours and hours of learning is very much appreciated! I wish I knew how. I got more trailers i need to make standalone like you did and guys inquiring about them to be made standalone, including myself. lol I took a look at Blender online and thought about it. Then I stopped thinking about it. :) I still may download the tools one day and tinker with it, but for now it’s on hold. Oh yeah, you did see mention of coffee brand skins. lol

  17. Ok, I got to run this sweet standalone version of my trailers again tonight. Super awesome having them all together at one time in game plus seeing them in traffic and storage. The bad….trying to run a specific combo like I was doing before. I put a penske skin on my truck or celadon or conway or whatever, then try to get the matching trailer to show up quickly equals ugh!!!! lol :) So what i’m gonna do is put back all my single version DC trailers back in my mod folder so when I want to run a certain combo I can disable this mod and all other standalone mods then only enable say my single DC Heartland Express trailer plus Uncle D’s Heartland Express truck skin therefore giving me my desired combo quickly. Other than that issue I found about combos, im loving this pack mod! So my advice is if you just want to run ALL my trailers, then run this standalone pack collaboration between me, solaris36 and stewowe. If you want to run only combos, disable this pack mod and only enable my single DC trailer versions plus a matching truck skin from Uncle D or any other truck skinner who has a skin to match one of my trailers. Happy truckin guys! :)

  18. David I see that the Kenworth T800 has been converted for ATS on Feb 1 2016 on this site,and some skin have been done on it I don’t know who has the template for it but check it out it may work for you. I’m using it so far its good.

    1. Thank you James, yeah I had seen that. I was able to get the truck to show up, but my skins didnt show up to go along with it. Then when I tried to switch trucks it crashed. I may give it another try later though to see if it was just maybe my old T800 skin activated conflicting even though they werent appearing. I was hoping it would work straight out the box so to speak. :(

      1. no problem

  19. If anyone is having some lag, just delete the trailers from traffic. I was encountering lag and finally figured out it was all my trailers running around. So extremely reluctantly I deleted from traffic. Now i’m running smooth again. Just an fyi for you all who dont have a powerhouse pc either. :)

  20. this is such an amazing mod but unfortunately gives me huge fps drops, was wondering for last few days y the hell my performance has dropped from the game, then i started a new profile to test and found this mod to be the culprit. but those who have good PCs can go ahead coz i regret removing this mod but have no option.If there is anything that can be done to maintain fps and still use this mod plz let me know.
    Thanks for the mod

    1. Hi nISTHUR, I deleted the trailers from traffic and it fixed my lag. In my original releases of these skinned trailers my fps was fine, but when I installed the pack version, my fps was terrible too since my pc isnt the best. Once I deleted the trailers from traffic all was well again with my fps so give that a shot. If not, you can download my megapack where I packed together all my original trailers and you just choose which trailer you want to run per session 1 at a time. There was no lag in those for me.

  21. Heavy Alex


    please next time when you release some package, give us in information text for which version is some package … that will be realy good information for everybody !

    MHAPro map

    1. solaris36

      You’re right Alex!!!

      Regards and up the good map work!! :-)

  22. solaris could explain how to make trailer skin invidually like trailer01 and trailer02 becuz i want to add coloured wheel for specific trailer like usf or consolidated thx

    1. solaris36

      seb99 on def/vehicle/trailers *.sii files you can configure what wheels will work on each trailer. Simply change the route to another wheel and it’s all
      original: “/def/vehicle/t_wheel/351k.sii”
      you can change to: “/def/vehicle/t_wheel/otherwheel.sii”
      and on def/vehicle/t_wheel *.sii file define route to other pmd-pmg files.
      I hope you understand this. :-)

  23. ok thx for the informaion but only one question but if its only one .sii all trailers will appear with the same wheel.

  24. Please pleaseeeeeeeeee update to 1.37 version! Log is floded with errors and the trailers are not visible in-game! Tried several versions and all are giving the same errors

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