10 thoughts on “AH 50 Cell Helicopter

  1. SUPER

  2. Justadude

    You realize this thing is completely made up, right? I can’t really convince myself to put some fantasy-copter cargo in the game.

  3. and also its american simulator not ets 2

    1. u never saw European truck in America ?

      1. Sonu Chadalavada

        European trucks arent sold in the united states

  4. Maybe I would download it if it was on an American trailer.

    1. sarah1224

      very nice indeed …

  5. sarah1224

    @ Rene …. did you enjoyed American trucks and trailers in ETS??????

    I guess you did and no one told you …. ”it is Euro truck simulator” …. another cry baby gezzz

    1. You have a great point. When we started modding American trucks into ETS2, everyone else who wasn’t American rarely gave us any s#@t about it. Now here we are complaining that “our game” is having trucks and trailers from other parts of the world in it. If you didn’t know, its not just Americans who play ATS. Just like it isn’t just Europeans who play ETS2. We have to respect that “our game” (It’s SCS’s game by the way, not ours) can be played by anyone who wants to play it. I actually clicked on this mod because I thought it was very unique and I like it. To be honest hauling ultra realistic stuff gets boring to me sometimes, but obviously that’s just my preference. I also thought that the purple lights looked pretty nice. We all need to be a little less #### hurt if someone else’s mod isn’t “realistic”. Let the modder mod. That’s all I’ve gotta say. -DTK_Beasty_L

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