Trailer Pack Pacton V 1.3


– Tested version 1.3.x
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Advance coupling

* Respect the download link *

original Trailer: unknown (if someone knows this, please let me know)
Trailer Edit: Richal Lechuza/Donaldboy
Trailer re-Edit: MarcDo
Containers and Skins: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson, SheryO, Nordisch, Pauli, Arnook, Reyhan Ramadhan, Roadhunter, Capelle, Gordon_Gecko, MarcDo
License plate illumination: Ohaha
Marker Lights: Powerkasi
new Chassis Materials: Gordon_Gecko
Trailer Storage and Traffic Storage Def Files: Harald_RS
Converted for ATS: Fred_be


3 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Pacton V 1.3

  1. I’m pretty sure the original trailer was all Rizal/Donaldboy. I’ve seen this guy’s stuff and he does all the work himself, so I’m not even sure that this many people worked on a trailer; especially the “marker lights”. If you can make a whole trailer by yourself, you may as well make your own “marker lights”.

    1. No, not all of these people worked on the trailer, but I took the containers and some other stuff from other mods, like everybody does. I´m pretty sure that you won´t find a list of credits like this, because nobody cares. But I do! So I mentioned everybody who was directly or indirectly involved.
      If you would read the description carefully, you would see, who was mentioned and for what. Why should I build parts, when they´re already available?

      And last but not least, my work got converted without even asking me, and you are complaining?? How sweeeeeet ……

  2. It would have been very nice, if I´d been asked about that,.

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