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9 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Overweight V3

  1. When I have Advance Coupling on I can’t get under the trailer to hook up. The trailers are kind of low and when I ram it in there, I still can’t hook up. Even going forward to get out under the trailer is weird.

    I am using the stock Kenworth w900 Day cab, with first chassis.

  2. Im installing this mod as I type this comment, it looks like a good mod and I dont use advanced trailer coupling so thats not a problem

    Best Regards,

  3. AWWW MAN, Sorry to say but it didnt work, any suggestions? Its popped up in my mod manager but I couldnt find any overweight/oversize loads

  4. this+mod+has+the+problem+that+when+u+drive+under+bridges+and+signs+on+the+highways+that+i+get+stuck+underneath+them+.+the+items+on+the+trailers+are+set+too+high+to+drive+under+bridges,overhead+road+signs+and+so+on.

  5. John Sanders

    Some trailers don’t fit under bridges/signs.

    1. Eagle_One_69

      Me too… I was hauling the house and stopped to fill up and it got wedged under the awning. Then at highway speed I was stopped dead in my tracks by the overhead highway sign and caused 43% damage to my load. I like challenging loads but this is a bit much. Good mod, but please fix. Thx.

  6. Why did you use orange blinkers? Would look better with red blinkers, which is standard in North America.

  7. I had to de-activate this mod because :

    1. Advance coupling DOES NOT WORK !
    2. The trailer with the fork lifts DOES NOT fit under the railway over pass coming out of Flagstaff.
    3. Judging by other’s comments, that gives this mod 3 strikes in my books.

    If you were to put some of these cargo’s on say a drop deck then maybe this mod would work without smashing into overhead things.

    Would be nice if it got fixed.

  8. Hola buen mod pero lo único q le falta es agregarlo al tráfico

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