Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.2


Pack adds 30 Cargo’s
3 Different Trailer’s
-3 Axle Stepdeck
-2 Axle Spread Stepdeck
-2 Axle

All standalone.
Works on any map.
For version 1.3.x
Compatible with Jazzycat’s packs and many others

Hardtruckisthebest (Ivan), Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris) – Original Trailer
Zetor165Maxterra – Changes to Trailer and Cargo’s
Jazzycat- Cargo’s

Thanks to TheBlueKnightTBKS for Idea’s for the Cargo’s and Research

Zetor165Maxterra, Jazzycat, Hardtruckisthebest (Ivan), Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris)


11 thoughts on “Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.2

  1. when i put the Fontaine Velocity Pack it say 1.0 but on here it says 1,2

  2. You are awesome man, thank you so much for doing that!

  3. That’s a mistake on my part you’ve got the right version. Just forgot to change the manifest and mod description.

  4. Yeah, but when you check def/cargo there are 30 cargo’s

    1. Yup that’s right there’s 30 Cargo’s and 3 different trailer’s

  5. I hope CyrusTheVirus will wake up soon and hurryup the traffic thing

    1. Give him time. He’ll get around to it.

      1. CyrusTheVirus


  6. there are problems with loading pictures of trailers in the cargo centre / list in game.
    put in old version list 100 % good.

  7. There is an issue with the weight/mass of the cargo in this pack. Please review and correct as necessary. It says that the empty trailer is over 57,000 lb. Tested it and it does drive like it’s way too heavy. Nice mod though :)

  8. israel mendoza


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