Sterling 9500 Pre-Alpha Test

sterling-9500-1 sterling-9500-2

This is as far as I have the know how to get.

The truck is driveable and available from the Kenworth dealer, however; the cameras are all messed up and the wheels are too close to the chassis. I’ve made a makeshift 1st person view using the window camera (defaulted to 5). The point of me uploading this mod is to see if anyone wants to attempt to finish it, as this is as far as I can go. You can upload it and take credit for it if you want, as long as it’s uploaded to THIS website.

*original truck model from Jazzycat



21 thoughts on “Sterling 9500 Pre-Alpha Test

  1. Russian beast

    Does it have the original interior?

  2. Давно ждал подобный грузовик..

  3. Model is from game Rig’n’Roll

  4. Hi Kennyworth.

    IMO is it very good idea to do this truck most reality (in and outside).
    I was looking in google about info and pictures of this truck – look good.

    Add more chassis, cabin, real engines and gearbox…

    And accesories :)

    Good Luck Mate

    1. Thanks but as I said, I can’t do any more than this.

  5. Leave this, this truck is of traffic, the graphics are bad. The right thing is to get this truck from scratch.

    1. Smokin Dabs

      complaining about a pre alpha tester lolol ###….. Good job I think this is a great start to get this some attention and maybe picked up and made into something. Thank you kennyworthand. To you route 66 people like you are the reason why people dont post mods and stop making mods being a strait dickhead for no reason….

      1. I posted mod and even so I shook me. I’m a realist, do not know to make a good mod then no longer stand.

        1. Google Translate does not provide, speaks Portuguese or Spanish?

  6. I know, this was just to bring attention to this truck. I can’t do any better because I don’t have a 3D modeler that I know how to use.

  7. ### is that? ###!!!???

    ### is that mod?
    ### is that youtube video?
    ###, 20 facebook likes?
    ### all the comments?

    ###? You brainless pricks…

    1. ### are you?
      ### are you here if you are gonna complain over a mod someone made?
      Give him a little credit probably more than what you could do.

  8. Good start bud, everyone’s gotta start some where, don’t worry about the nutless bitches because there just jealous they can’t even figure out how to open a mod let alone modify one. I have my first three tutorials up on YouTube check them out, I have a few follow alongs for the impatient and then we will be doing a truck from scratch…no copy pasting like most of these “modders”. Keep it up.

    1. Sorry but I’m only a teenager and don’t have the money to pay for a Zmodeler subscription.

      1. Thanks for trying to help anyway and i love your heavy haul KW.

  9. I apologize to Kenworth, I was stressed before. I wish your right project and it appears someone repair the truck. I wish you good hug.

  10. Thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot to me.

  11. Good job dude, we all hope that someone with skills take this project and develop it to the max. Cheers dude!

  12. PJ Drives

    Its a good start dude, and I really hope someone with the skills and software will pick this up and work WITH you on it, you obviously have the required talent to get it finished :) good luck

  13. Does it work on ETS2 1.27.2?

  14. Clinically_Dpressed

    Its an underappreciated truck that you gave attention to thats very nice. As you mentionned it has flaws but id say you make a very great job for a teenager . I hope someome will finish it and that you will keep up your good work !

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