Petebilt 352


_Petebilt 352 I tested on 1.4.x –

– cabin
– chassis
– interior
– Paintjob


_Adapted to 1.4 And added interior window, textures, gps, steering wheel

_eye on a no animation but you can enjoy the truck

lucasi, franck_peru


33 thoughts on “Petebilt 352

  1. Thank you Franck really appreciate you getting this to work on ATS 1.4.

  2. Thanks for the great work on getting this truck up to ATS 1.4!!!

    on a off note Franck…. any chance of getting that Kenworth T660 updated to ATS 1.4 as well?

    Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  3. This mod is completely stuffed up . It was never finished . Try fixing it rather than deleting a file to make it work . Missing cab , Broken chassis’s , Missing model parts .

    Try fixing it before you release incomplete work .

    1. Hey Solutech, Why dont you spend you own money on a model and release it for free like I did. Or are you one of those big mouths like to ##### and beg. It was clearly explained it needed work. Some people that are new to modding might be able to fix a lot of the issues but if its working in game they can have fun trying.

      Great job getting to work in game even work is still needed but its a start

    2. Peter Royce Clayton III

      “Try fixing it rather than deleting a file to make it work…” Pretty bossy aren’t you? If you know all it takes to make it perfect, why are you not standing up to fix it? Because you don’t have the ability, don’t you? Nor the ability to read and comprehend that it was not finished. People like you will always be taking my order at McDonalds because 1. A bad attitude 2. Feeling like you are owed something all the time 3. Not very bright academically.
      So enjoy your crappy life “Solutech” and keep us informed periodically if you make it to dishwasher!

      good if you do not like to try, it’s easy not use the mod. which are shared for free, if you want a better truck, can buy a 3DS model, and you believe it yourself.

      1. Spittin Truth

        Lucasi your the jackass that paid for a 3d model when there was a much better free one released for haulin years ago. Nobody at fault here but you. I think your just mad because you wasted your money and realize it.

        1. Apparently Mr Bigshot you don’t know as much as you think. He bought it For the 1.3 version and it worked. When he released it and said it needed to be redone for 1.4. Try not being such an ####### if you don’t know the whole story.

          1. Spittin Truth

            Oh sunshine I know more of the story than you apparently do. He only released this in the 1st place because he handed it to the wrong person and they let it out. Then Lucasi started crying like a baby because he wasted money on a ###### model and it got released. Don’t speak up at me if you only have info from here. Educate yourself. Lucasi needs to #### it up and drive on with himself.

      2. And what you don’t know is that Solutech is a better modder than all of you combine he has several mods which work perfectly and he actually spends the time to fix his mods so im sorry i will not be using a broken mod and before you twats say anything im not a modder but i do know how to check the game.log and i mod with a #### load of errors is just leading to disaster

        1. Peter Royce Clayton III

          Worksgr8, were is Solutech’s improvement? I have seen in the past he has assisted with mods, but has he done anything on his own? Also doesn’t dispel the fact he is an arrogant a$$hole with reading comprehension problems.
          I have done blender mods in the NBA2K series, creating buildings from scratch for Simcity 4, but I have never seen a more childish modding community than in ETS2 and ATS. I am not great at it because I am a soldier, not a professional graphic artist/model maker, but I have always been given constructive criticism whenever I shared a not 100% mod. Seriously, you sound like a gaggle of whiny can’t-cun*s losers.

          1. alright let me put it this way would you send a truck out of the garage missing a front wheel or with a bust brake line or with the steering wheel disconnected

        2. FreightShaker

          I’m not complaining of the quality (Even though you raised the roof of it ridiculously so) but I will say you got completely scammed and ripped off if you bought that model because there is a perfectly good one released for Haulin’ YEARS ago for free that was better. Next time there’s a model for sale I would look for one already made because chances are it will be free to download and unlocked in most cases.

  4. oh and thanks for the credit mention Franck_PERU

  5. great to see that it is working can’t wait to try it out

  6. I do not believe that an old truck like 352 takes the sound of engine of a new truck as a truck peterbilt 579 not this one finished he lacks many mistakes

  7. midnightrider

    honestly yes it needs work but i have seen worse mods then this great work and keep trying you bet ill be looking for the updates as i love this truck

  8. ScaniaFan

    This has potential to be a great truck, it needs decent modder/s such as Viper2 or RJL to get it there & the sounds from Odd Fellow or Krechbaum to complete it!

    Currently its rubbish, dash is just an image pasted over the 579 interior & chassis taken from the 389…plus its bouncy!

  9. Great truck
    can you make it a startup truck for lvl 3

    Thanks all for it keep it up

  10. please fix this truck ..

    it shakes a lot , the dashboard doesn’t work good and the wipers aren’t real

  11. renenate12

    this mods sucks all around and its ugly … please fix

  12. this truck sucks and its ugly …

  13. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  14. there is a lot of drama here lol

  15. Gokhan Tana


  16. acenickells

    Thanks for your work

    It’s nice to see the PB 352 in the game

  17. SpeedyHaul

    I can see what ppl say bout the inside still LoL could still use alot options n interior work but GREAT job on the outside n it driving ! :) its excellent for external views and do some short haul photo shoots Thanks for any work ppl do, idk how to.. yet.. myself hopefully ppl will pass it on make btr with all due credit

  18. Lucasi_ and Franck_PERU…. No matter what people say keep it up, it can only get better. I had complainers on my mods too, most of them too dumb to read the description….I checked your mod out and liked where it was going , if u nudge the collision box up a little the truck will quit bouncing for you, make sure it’s high enough to not catch curbs but low enough it’s still does its job. If you need any advice let me know. By the way do u mind if I use your steering wheel in the next release of my truck. Bu5ted

  19. need some work but still is a good mod. Thanks for your work. cheers

  20. FYI: :: Credits :: CTI_Transportation and I (Hurkulez) were the ones that got it in the Game

  21. I own 3 of 352s cabover and idk why so many are saying the trucks ugly its way better then any 389 or 379, the cabover are getting rare u cant find them anymore.

  22. Thanks for sharing Lucasi. I’ll see you on Steam where there is less trolling.

  23. Would someone please update this rig to version 1.6.### ? PLEASE!!!!!?

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